Hi Folks,

with Win7-64bit sysinfo task got a problem with env variables named 
ProgramFiles(x86). This is wihtin nant an illegal variable name and thus 
caused sysinfo to fail. The only way was to set 'failonerror=false' for 
sysinfo task to get at least the other variables.

After some discussions https://github.com/nant/nant/pull/83 we changed 
the sysinfo task and now ProgramFiles(x86) will become 

For all other env variables which might contain illegal chars (from 
nant's point of view) the chars are replaced by an underscore. (see 
below taken from sysinfo docu)

---- sysinfo docu

When the name of an environment variable contains characters that are 
not allowed in a property name, the task will use a property name where 
each of such characters is replaced with an underscore (_).

Moreover when the name of an environment variable ends with the string 
"(x86)" the name of the property that is defined by this task will end 
with ".x86" instead.

For example the environment variable "ProgramFiles(x86)" will become 
"sys.env.ProgramFiles.x86" but an environment variable named 
"Program(x86)Files" would become "sys.env.Program_x86_Files".

----- end sysinfo docu

So far

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