I'm working on converting an Ant script to Nant and have ran into an issue with 
joining several variables together in Nant.

Below is the original Ant script in which it pulls information from a 
properties file and uses the information to feed the build. The project starts 
by looping through build order (NETDLLS, App) and then uses that variable to 
prepend to the ProjectName to check out of StarTeam.


# Windows - .NET DLLs
NETDLLs.ProjectName=Windows - .NET DLLs
NETDLLs.ViewName=Windows - .NET DLLs

ANT script:
<target name="build.project">
      <property name="ProjectName" 
      <property name="ViewName" value="${buildProp.${project.Ord}.ViewName}"/>
      <property name="Label" value="${buildProp.${project.Ord}.Label}"/>

      <antcall target="checkoutModuleSrc" inheritall="true"/>

Here is what I have come up with in Nant which doesn't seem to be working.

NAnt script:
<target name="build.project">
      <property name="ProjectName" 
      <property name="ViewName" 
      <property name="Label" value="${'properties.project.Ord'+'.Label'}"/>
      <echo>${ProjectName} ${ViewName} ${Label}</echo>
      <call target="checkoutModuleSrc"/>

Results of the script at the command line:

     [exec] StarTeam 10.4 Command Line Interface, Build
     [exec] Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Borland Software Corporation. All rights res
     [exec] Using ini file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
     [exec] Project not found: properties.project.Ord.ProjectName

I would appreciate any help you can provide.

-Doug Labout

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