I'm using the latest release versions of NAnt and NAnt Contrib (0.92) on a 64 
bit Windows 7 box. I am using the files from Issue 54 
( I created the scripts on a 32 bit 
XP machine, which has since bit the dust.

I am using it to do some things in Visual SourceSafe and perform a build. The 
vssget, vsscheckout, and vssadd tasks all seem to be working fine, but 
vsscheckin only checks in a few files and stops. The task does not throw an 
error, in fact, it states it completed successfully. I have been banging my 
head on the wall with this and can't figure this out.

We are phasing out XP, so getting a new XP machine is out of the question.

Any suggestions would be good.

Thank you,

Brian Wilson
Department of Human Resources

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