Please review 8164467: ES6 computed properties are implemented wrongly.


This makes our support of ES6 computed property names fully spec compliant with 
one little exception: object literals with mixed computed and static property 
names should preserve iteration order of properties. Since we create a static 
property map of static properties and then add computed properties to those 
maps at runtime, computed properties are always at the end of iteration. I 
don’t know how to fix this, but I don’t consider it a big problem.

Other than that, the tests included in this patch pretty much mirror the tests 
in test262, minus the ones that require features we don’t yet support.

Although this changes the code for object literals in CodeGenerator a bit, ES5 
code should not be affected, i.e. the code generated in absence of computed 
properties should be exactly the same as before. Same in Parser: I had to 
rewrite the code for reparsing ES6 methods a bit to handle methods with 
computed property names, but that should only affect that special case.


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