Dear all,

I apologize if the question was already raised in the mail list, however, I 
find it quite strange that JSObject lacks convenient methods to convert it at 
least to JSON-string, if not directly to Java-POJOs?

The Internet is full of suggestions which involve JavaScript JSON.stringify(..) 
as a utility. While it might work too, but I guess a lot of others are just 
traversing the JSObject by their own "converters".

Therefore, if there is no design limitations/reasons why the conversion 
should/could not be applied within the Java representation, I am ready to 
volunteer on the patch.

My reason for it are:
 * It looks quite ugly to execute JavaScript to make something with "almost" 
Java object.
 * Java has enormous number of JSON libraries already. I guess it is nice to 
allow people connect their favorite with minimal efforts. Potentially, if it 
will be required "string" phase might be excluded (not JSObject->String->POJO, 
but JSObject->POJO). 
 * It may simplify logging/debugging of interaction between Java and JS.

Best Regards,

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