*An Open Letter of *Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary* to* Rt. Rev. Vincent M.
Concessao * *Archbishop of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese

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*December 7, 2010*

Most Rt. Rev. Vincent M. Concessao

Archbishop of Delhi

Archbishop’s House, 1, Ashok Place,

New Delhi-110001

Your Grace,

After receiving the copy of ‘The Title of the Project: Partial Financing for
advocacy of human rights’. Communication/Information Bureau –English &
Hindi, I am obliged to write about the project to be sent to the *Missio*,
(International Catholic Missionary Work) Germany. I am going through the
report and writing by points by points.

*1.* *To get the Budget Pass:*

Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD had originally conceived the idea to set up such an
office and to serve the diocese. I feel that he had used the communication
department for his own personal gain. He has become famous and rich through
this office. I would like to know that what he has done for the diocesan
priests and Laity in Delhi Catholic Archdiocese.

Fr. Dominic Emmanuel has used the word *Hindu Fundamentalists group* in
order to get the Budget to be passed by MISSIO. Why has he mentioned the
Hindu religion in the project? It is very serious matter that he is using
the *Fundamental Hindu religion* in order to get money. It is not necessary
to mention the religion in the project. What is his intention to use the
word Hindu?

How Fr. Dominic can say that there are no trained diocesan priests for this
media office? He means to say that diocesan priests are not worthy, useless,
fool and he is wise enough to run the office. Is he challenging the diocesan
priests or making the statement? He used to Boss to the staff members that
Archbishop can not find trained and able priests for the media. He should
have challenged the diocesan priests openly for this office, but he did not.
For me, he is fooling you and himself while making the statement that there
are no trained priests to run the communication department. He has used the
office for the self gain and to become rich. It means he has misused the
office because he did not serve the diocese. He may be working for you but
not working for diocese. I would like to know that what he has done for the
Dalit Catholics since I belong to Dalit Community?

*2.* *Objectives and Activities of Comm/Info bureau:*

Objectives and Activities of this office are fairly good, but not carried
out properly. Fr.Dominic’s main objectives were/ are to become famous in
Delhi and in India. He became famous and rich through this office. He takes
more interest in politic rather then to work to uplift the downtrodden. He
insults the poor Hindu people and he is bringing division between Hindu and
Catholic religion.  His works increase the tension between Hindus and
Catholics. Fr. Dominic must work along with Catholics rather than along with
non- Catholics. As he started the Communication department, he had hidden
agenda and working accordingly from the very beginning.

*3. Bishop’s letter:*

Your Grace, you have written unofficial letter (no reference no.) to be
passed the project by MISSIO. Have you read the project report when it came
to you for signature? I would like to bring to your notice and I am
confident that when the person came for the project report to be signed, *The
Budget Sheet* was not attached and you signed the report. Why Fr. Dominic
did not attached the *Budget Sheet *with the report? He was not sincere with
you or you overlooked it. He kept you in dark. If it was done this year, he
and you must have followed the same way in the passed years.

*4. Budget of CIB for next 2 years for both English and Hindi sections:*

*Salaries and benefits (in Rupees):*

Before I explain you about the Budget I would like to say and explain about
the Vivekmani Lakra, (Tribal Catholic) who approached me for the help. He
narrated to me the true story which happened with him. After listening him,
I decided to write this letter urgently. He says that Fr. Dominic falsely
blaming him for stealing the amount of Rs. 6000/- . He says that  he had
handed over the keys of the office last April, 2010. He was not responsible
towards the office. He has been humiliated in front of the staff members.
Fr. Dominic is blaming him only without finding the facts. First of all, I
doubt whether he kept the Rs. 6000 in the drawer. If he had kept then he
should have inform all the staff members, which he did not do so. Your
Grace, it is not the matter of the money, but of the justice. What Fr.
Dominic has done to him is immoral. Fr. Dominic had published an article in
*Nai Dunia, hindi daily*.

He says that Government should be impartial with Trible but he did the
opposite with Vivekmani Lakra. It is easy to write and give good advice but
it is difficult to follow up. Now how can he say that he is working for the
welfare of Dalit and Tribal?  Vivekmani Lakra is a Tribal who is treated
inhuman way, forget about helping him. He has been asked by Fr. Dominic to
leave the job immediately without giving prior notice to him. Miss Jasmine
Jose was working with Fr. Dominic in the Communication department. She came
to know certain loop poles about the Fr. Dominic.  Fr. Dominic sacked her
without giving the prior notice and reason. She left the office with heavy
heart. Mr. Xavier worked for ten years with Fr. Dominic. Once he wanted to
take Christmas holydays for one month, but Fr. Dominic put the condition
that if you go for one month holydays, then he must not return in the
office. He too left the job. What Justice Fr. Dominic has done to them? How
can he play with the life of others?  Now he must be ready to face the

*A. The Director’s salary*: I am shocked to read that he, being a priest, is
taking salary regularly. Your Grace, have you employed him for the job or
asked him to serve the diocese selflessly? He is completing 13 years and
continues to be in the office. That means, he is taking Rs. 1, 26,000/- per
annum. I don’t know the reason that why you have allowed him to take the
salary. I am sure that he must be using the money for himself rather than to
give to the society. Though it is his personal matter, but he can be
questioned regarding money matter.

*B. Vivekmani Lakra’s profile*: Vivek was working for six years in
Communication department. He was working as an office assistant, research
assistant, translating from English to Hindi and Hindi Typist in Computer
and Helper and Handy man. Please look at the Salaries and benefits sheets
and see that how the salaries are given according to their jobs. Actually,
there are only two persons are working in the office. One person is always
working only for the sadbhavana, SVD. Salaries are given as follows:

i)Office Assistant

One year- 18,000 x 12=                2, 16,000.00

ii)Research Assistant

   One year- 20,000 x 12=                         2, 40,000.00

iii) Hindi Translator and Typist

   One year- 16,000 x 12=                         1, 92,000.00

iv) Helper and handy man     (shared)

   One year-7,500 x 12 (shared) =                 45,000.00

*Grand Total                                             - 6,93,000.00

Vivek was getting Rs. 6000.00 per month. It means that Rs. 6000 x 12=72,000
per year. Since Vivek was working as office assistant, research assistant,
Hindi Translator, Typist and helper and handy man, then he should have
receive the salary Rs. 6, 93,000 per year, but he was getting only 72,000
per year. If we reduce Rs 72, 000 from the Grand Total Rs. 6, 93,000 then
balance remains Rs. 6, 21,000. Since Vivek worked for six years then balance
Rs. 6,21,000X 6 = Rs. 37,26,000 becomes. Now I ask Fr. Dominic where the
money Rs. 37, 26,000 has gone. What he has done with this money? He supposes
to give entire money to Vivek. How can Fr. Dominic blame that Vivek has
stolen the amount of Rs. 6000, when Fr. Dominic has taken Rs. 37, 26,000
which belongs to Vivek. Who is a great thief between them, of course Fr.
Dominic? Vivkmani Lakra has right to claim his own money Rs. 37, 26,000. Fr.
Dominic has to pay balance money Rs. 37, 26,000. Fr. Dominic was/ is not
sincere to give full salaries to staffs. He is putting in his pocket major
part of the salaries. It is one of the ways of making money by Fr. Dominic.
There are other ways; he was/is gathering money for himself. I will latter
on reveal his evil ways to make money.

5. *The* *Movie “Aisa Kyon Hota Hai”*

Fr. Dominic had produced the Bollywood movie. Your Grace, I would like to
know the Income and Expenditure of the movie. Please tell Fr. Dominic to put
on the website of the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese. He had Income and
Expenditure for dubbing the movie into other languages. The same Income and
Expenditure must be put on the website. When the movie was produced, the
name of Sadbhavana was added. Why it was so? *Chetanalaya* was the only
producer. I heard that Fr. Dominic Emmanuel was telling others that
Sadbhavana had contributed the money towards the production of movie.

Now the DVDs and CDs are being sold by CIB staff since last four years in
various schools, religious and Inter-Religious meetings, seminars and
conferences, the whole income from the selling DVDs and CDs of the movie
“Aisa Kyon Hota Hai” is going to Sadbhavana Account only.

*6. Sadbhavan and SVD National Mission Secretary:*

Your Garce, I bring to your notice that the Communication/Info Bureau was
and being used most of the time for the Sadbhavana’s work. Bro. Sumit
Dhanraj and Sukhbir Singh are working for personal work of Fr. Dominic and
Sadbhavana. But Salaries are given to both of them from Communication

*7. Peace and Harmony Reward*

Fr. Dominic received Peace and Harmony reward from government. In order to
get this reward he had spent huge amount of money and energy. What sort of
Peace he had given to his co-workers who were sacked from the jobs. It was/
is not easy to get jobs immediately but Fr. Dominic’s position is secured.
They lost their peace of mind and heart. He should imagine that what sort of
agony they were under going. While sacking them from the jobs Fr. Dominic
had made enemy with them. They will not forgive him. There is no Harmony
among them (between Fr. Dominic and ex-staffs). I would like to know from
Fr. Dominic that before receiving the reward where and which community did
he bring Peace and Harmony? First of all Fr. Dominic must have Peace of mind
then only he can bring Harmony in the communities.

*8. Fr. Dominic is a politician*.

As early I have said that he is only interested in politics. While seeing
his works one can understand his intention. He did his best to become the
member of National Commission of Minority. He can go any extent to enter to
Indian Politics. He uses his cassock mostly for politics rather than for
religious purpose.

Your Grace, what I have seen and experienced, I have written in this letter.
I may be writing more about him in future. I wish to conclude this letter
while asking your blessing.

Yours Sincerely

 Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary

  *Delhi Catholic Archdiocese

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