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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 16:13:10 EST
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Chief Dan Evehema, 108 years old (or so), has put on the cloud mask and walked
the sacred corn meal pathway to the west. January 15, 1999 at sun rise, our
beloved eldest elder Dan Evehmea, aka known as "Little Dan" left the world of
the living to join the Katchinas and be reunited with his wife and family in
the underworld. Grandfather Dan Evehema was considered the Spiritual Leader,
Snake Priest, Society Father, Eldest Elder of the Traditional Hopi Nation,
Hotevilla Arizona by all those who knew and loved him. Also co-author of
"Hotevilla Shrine of the Covenant" and "Hopi Survival Kit" and co-author of
Techqua Ikachi, the Traditional Hopi Newsletter along with many, many other

Dan Evehema one of the Spiritual Sources behind the Elders' visits to the
United Nations and the Hopi Sovereign, Independent Nation along with David
Monongye, James Kootz, Grandmother Carolyn, and others. May his spirit soar
and the Hopi Seeds of Peace he nurtured multiply in the world. The Corn fields
will mourn the loss of this one, the one they called "Kwa". These Hopi
Traditionalists have been keepers of a faith and culture more than 22,000
years old [according to carbon-dated prehistoric rock recordings]. They are
the only native people of America [perhaps the world] to have sustained
virtually their entire culture, though it is highly threatened today.
Hotevilla reveals the Covenant the great spirit of the Earth made with the
Hopi 1,100 years ago and the prophecy that it involved: the Hopi were to
understand themselves to be the microcosm of all of humanity and keepers of
the worldxs balance. Time would spiral down toward a climax. This information
was to be released at a special time in History--our time-- when they, their
tradition and wisdom would be threatened with extinction which, if it were to
happen, would be catastrophic for all of humanity. With his blessings we have
the information over the Cob Webs in the Sky and the Hopi Prophecy for you
today. Grandfather Danxs accomplishments and life is something we should all
take to task. Grandfather Evehema has no children of his own, he is survived
by his care taker and niece, Susie Lomastka, her children and his adopted
Spiritual Granddaughter, DeeSee Mana aka, Katherine Cheshire. Other uncles and
relations wish to keep their names private due to political struggles. We all
miss him but celebrate his arrival with our relations on the other side. 
          Tsonkwadiyonrat (We are ONE Spirit)
                     Unenh onhwa' Awayaton

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