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Coincidence? or conspiracy?
    Deaths of Indians along Rapid Creek cause community

                             By Jennifer Peterka
                                 Today staff
                            Northern Plains Bureau

RAPID CITY, S.D. - Many of the homeless who live under bridges and in
cardboard boxes along
Rapid Creek, which runs through the middle of the city, are increasingly
concerned about their
safety. Some say they fear for their lives. 
Two bodies were found dead in the creek, near downtown Rapid City, within a
day of each other,
making a total of five deaths in the creek this year. Four of them were
American Indian males. 
Many transients and Rapid City homeless are increasingly concerned these
deaths. They believe an
area racist group may be responsible. 
Loren Two Bulls, 33 an Oglala and a well-known artist, was found Dec. 9,
about a half-block from
where Two Crow was found the day before. No cause of death was immediately
available, but
investigators said alcohol was involved and he had been very ill. 
Randelle Two Crow, a 48-year-old a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux
Tribe, was found in a
pool of water under a bridge, near the creek bank, 
Dec. 8. 
Investigators of the Rapid City Police Department and the Pennington County
Sheriff's Office,
believe Two Crow died sometime during night while sleeping under the
bridge. An autopsy

determined the cause of death was an extremely high blood-alcohol level. 
Police department spokesman Capt. Craig Tieszen said the investigation did
not indicate foul play
and he did not drown. 
The first of the five deaths in Rapid Creek occurred May 21. Benjamin Paul
Long Wolf, 36, was
found dead under the Sixth Street bridge, six blocks west of where Two Crow
According to the death certificate, Long Wolf was found with  moderate
swelling in his head and
marks around his neck, but his death was ruled an accident. 
Ten days later, May 31, George Hatten Jr., 56, was found dead in the creek
near a drainage ditch
beside a bridge, another four blocks west of where Two Crow died. Hatten's
death also was ruled
an accident. 
Death certificates described Long Wolf and Hatten as  "extremely
intoxicated and fell or passed out
in Rapid Creek." Cause of death - drowning due to severe intoxication. 
Allen Hough, a 42-year-old, white male, was found dead in the creek July 4.
Tieszen said there
was no evidence of foul play in Hough's death and it was listed as drowning. 
Members of Long Wolf's family have questions. "I don't think he drowned. I
think someone killed
him and threw him in the water. He was a pretty good swimmer and the creek
isn't that deep," said
his mother, Ruth Janis-Salway. 
"I don't think it was an accident. As far as I know it was just ruled out
as an accident. I don't think it
was very thoroughly investigated. Somebody must of pushed him off the
bridge and he hit his head
or they must of held his head under water. Something is really strange
about his death," said a sister,
Hope Conquering Bear. 
Many of transients who frequently sleep under the bridges along Rapid Creek
believe a racist group
of skinheads is responsible for the deaths. They say the group harasses
American Indians it finds
along the creek. 
"Skinheads killed him (Long Wolf). They choked him with a bungie cord and
left him to drown.
Everyone who lives down here knows that," said a transient who would
identify himself only as
Blue. Others also claimed to see the group of approximately 17 "skin heads"
that harass American
Tieszen said he has heard the rumors of a racist group causing the deaths.
"There is no evidence
whatsoever that there was any evidence of foul play in any of the deaths,"
he said. "Not a single
person has come forward with first-hand information that the rumors are
true." Tieszen asked
anyone with information that would prove otherwise to please come forward. 

Other than the location, investigations have not showed any connection
between the deaths, Tieszen
said. In 23 years as a Rapid City police officer, he said he has never seen
this many deaths in the
creek in a single year. 

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