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>Subject: Indian Telecommunications Conference
>X-Comment: Nevada Indian Environmental Coalition
>The National Indian Telecommunications Institute and the Ford Foundation
>are hosting Digital Council Fires: A Native American Telecommunications
>Conference in Albuquerque May 13-16, 1999.  
>We are currently seeking papers on Indian Telecommunications issues from
>Tribal People.  I have attached and embedded the official call for papers
>for the conference to this email.  Registration information can be found at
>the following web site:
>Please call, 505.986.3872, or email me if you have questions or suggestions.
>E Malama A Hui Hou,
>Digital Council Fires: 
>A Native American Telecommunications Conference
>Albuquerque, NM
>May 13-16, 1999
>The National Indian Telecommunications Institute (NITI) is a private
>non-profit organization that employs advanced technology to serve American
>Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians in the areas of education,
>economic development, language and cultural preservation, tribal policy
>issues and self-determination.  NITI is currently soliciting papers and
>presentations on telecommunications access and content issues in Indian
>Country for Digital Council Fires: A Native American Telecommunications
>Papers are welcome in any of the following categories as they relate to
>Native Americans, telecommunications and technology:
>I. Culture & Education
>II. Images
>III. Policy & Regulation
>IV. Economic Development
>V. Sovereignty
>VI. Anticipating the Future
>Possible Topics
>1. Current and future uses of technology to improve education at tribal
>schools and/or tribal colleges.
>2. Native American stereotypes in the electronic media (e.g., Internet,
>radio, film, and television).
>3. Current and future uses of technology to promote self-determination for
>Native Peoples.
>4. Barriers to telecommunications access in Indian Country including but
>not limited to economics, infrastructure, training, politics, regulation or
>deregulation, or lack of information about existing programs or policies.
>5. Native American telecommunications networking: what opportunities exist;
>what problems limit effective networking?  [This refers to intertribal or
>intratribal use of LANs, concerns over cultural or other information
>6. Current and future uses of technology to augment or achieve cultural or
>language preservation.
>7. Unique problems, success stories, and/or potential applications of
>telecommunications technology for Urban Indians (e.g., using technology to
>help Urban Indians stay connected to the Reservation).
>8. Tribal use of technology to document historical events or land claims
>(e.g., use of global positioning satellites (GPS) or geographical
>information systems (GIS) for mapping tribal land, etc.).
>9. Current and future uses of technology to support tribal micro or macro

>enterprise on the reservation.
>10. Tribal plans on current and future use of technology on the
>reservation.  Tribal Council members or designated representatives only.
>Topics outside this list will be considered.  Please call the Digital
>Council Fires Review Committee to discuss your topic ASAP.
>Presentations will be disseminated in a panel format.  Papers should be
>approximately fifteen minutes long and allow five minutes for discussion.
>Submit one copy of an abstract (300 words maximum) with your title but no
>name plus a separate page with your name, address, telephone number, email
>address, and FAX number and the title of your paper by email (preferred),
>regular mail, or FAX to:
>Digital Council Fires Review Committee
>National Indian Telecommunications Institute
>110 N. Guadalupe St., Ste. 9
>Santa Fe, NM  87501
>Phone:  505.986.3872
>FAX:    505.989.4271
>Accepted papers will be published in traditional and electronic formats
>following the conference.
>DEADLINE:  March 1, 1999
>Lisa A. Nelmida
>Development Coordinator
>National Indian Telecommunications Institute
>110 N. Guadalupe St., Suite 9
>Santa Fe, NM  87501
>Voice:  505.986.3872
>FAX:   505.989.4271

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