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Police misconduct 

We demand a lot of our police officers, but most of all, we
demand that they're honest. So when officers violate this basic tenet of
their profession, their supervisors cannot turn a blind eye.  It seems,
though, that's exactly what has happened in the case
of two Ontario Provincial Police officers accused of giving
dishonest testimony at a court trial. Judge Hugh Fraser presided over the
1997 trial of Acting Sergeant Kenneth Deane who was charged, and later
convicted, of criminal negligence in the shooting death of Dudley George.
Fraser ruled that Deane was ``not honest'' in his statements to
investigators and the court. And the judge said the evidence of Constable
Chris Cossett, was ``clearly fabricated and implausible.'' This conduct by
both officers warranted swift

But now, two years after the trial, the force says it will not take
action against Cossett or Deane, who remains on the force while he appeals
his conviction. OPP brass seem to be saying that it's okay for officers to
be dishonest and fabricate evidence. That's unacceptable.  If they are
unwilling to act, then the solicitor-general must. 

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