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Subject: Details-November Leonard Peltier Freedom Month
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 11:21:42 -0500
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Dear Leonard Peltier Supporters,

Below is more detailed follow up on the November Leonard Peltier Freedom
Month Campaign.  Take a look and let us know what you can do, what you
think, and any suggestions you may have.  Those who would like to be in DC
for part of the month but are not sure when will be the best date to come,
you may want to be there at the opening.  We are hoping the event will begin
November 1, but we are waiting to hear from Archbishop Desmond Tutu who we
have asked to open the event.  We will keep you up to date on this.

We especially need people from the East Coast to come during different parts
of the month so that there will be an ongoing presence.  Please collect
names of people an organizations on the East Coast who can help who are not
registered with us.  Thank you for your support.

(If you and/or your organization can contribute in any of the ways listed
please get in contact with us asap.)

In solidarity,

PS If you are in graphic design and/or printing and can help us to design a
poster for this campaign please call us!

Itís 1999, why is Leonard Peltier still in prison?

We realize that what we are proposing will be difficult to organize and
implement, especially with the very short amount of time we have to organize
it.  However, it is crucial and extremely urgent that we put all of our
efforts together and make a strong attempt to do this now, before Leonardís
health further deteriorates, before the current momentum is lost, before
Clinton leaves office, and before another year of Leonardís life is stolen
away from him, his people and his family.  Please make a serious commitment
in whatever way you are able to help free Leonard Peltier before the year

The desired effect of the November Freedom Campaign is to:
1. Draw enough positive attention to Leonardís case to bring about serious
concern in both the White House and Congress.
2. One of the most serious concerns of politicians is popular public opinion
which is largely impacted by the media.  We must get enough media attention
to bring about such concern.
3. To have a unique and visual theme that will attract the necessary media
4. To further educate the public and the government about the Peltier case.
5. To build up enough pressure from Congress and the public to get Clinton
to grant Executive Clemency to Peltier.
6. If Clinton does not grant clemency, to build enough pressure in Congress
and the public so that he will be granted parole this Spring.

This event should be representative of all that Leonard Peltier stands for
and symbolizes. Therefore the event should be strong, largely spiritual,
cultural, traditional, and respectful.  The event should culminate all of
the reasons why he should be freed.  Leonard Peltier is a symbol of
injustice and persecution of Indigenous Peoples and therefore we urge all
who resist such injustice and persecution to come and represent Leonard at
this time.

1.  Run For Freedom -The event will begin with a traditional, spiritual Run
For Freedom
which will start at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and finish in
Washington DC.
2. Opening prayer ≠ Each morning will begin with a prayer and ceremony that
are appropriate to be held in public.  Traditional Spiritual leaders such as
David Chief and Arvol Looking Horse will conduct these and others such as
Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa are being invited as well.  (Care
will be taken so that ceremonies are not filmed or photographed when
3. Freedom Fasters ≠ There will be a presence of at least ten people fasting
in front of the White House for designated amounts of time during the entire
month.  This will be a spiritual fast; those fasting will prepare themselves
with the guidance of spiritual advisors.
4. Vigils ≠ Each night a candlelight vigil will be held in front of the
White House.  All are welcome to take part.  At this time people in
attendance can make offerings or say a few words about why they are there.

1. Traditional ≠ Daily cultural activities will be scheduled in front of the
White House during November.  Traditional Native music, story telling, etc.
should be present. The participation of several Native American drum groups
and dancers are needed.  Additionally, people from Indigenous Nations
outside of the US are encouraged to come and represent their people and
culture as well.
2. Contemporary ≠ Contemporary Native musicians, rappers, poets, and actors
will be invited to perform in front of the White House too.  A few examples
are Ulali, Litefoot,  Rage Against the Machine, Black Fire, Jimmy Baca,
Rodney Grant, and Buffy St. Marie.

1. Speakers from representatives of different land struggles (Big Mountain,
Western Shoshone, Mississippi River Lakota Treaty Land Transfer ,Mt. Graham,
etc.), struggles for self determination, movements against racism, struggles
for freedom of religion, etc. are invited to come and speak to show their

1. Teepees will be put up in areas permitted in close proximity to the White
House to bring visual attention to the ongoing activities.  Teepees to
borrow and trucks to ship them in are needed.
2. Flags from several Native Nations will be displayed in front of the White
House.  Flags to borrow are needed as well.
3. A wall modeled after the veteranís memorial will be constructed with the
names of Native people who lost their lives fighting for their people on it.
Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Anna Mae Aquash, Joe Stuntz, and all of those
killed during the reign of terror are some examples.  Others can add names
as part of the activities.
4. Several large banners and signs are needed for display.
5. A possible reenactment of the Wounded Knee I Massacre will be planned.


Delegations of Leonardís family, Oglala survivors, Indigenous Organizations,
Human Rights Organizations, Tribal Governments, Foreign Dignitaries, etc.
are invited to meet with the Clinton Administration and Congress during
November.  Rigoberta Menchu has already committed to bring a delegation of
Nobel Laureates.  Scheduling meetings during November will be tricky because
of elections and the holiday so it is important that all who can bring
delegations contact us as soon as possible.  Delegations who cannot come
during November can be scheduled during January and February as well.  This
will help to keep the momentum going.

Those who cannot come to Washington DC in November will be coordinating
phone trees to bring additional and focused attention to the Congress and
White House during November.

Those organizations who cannot physically come to show support during the
November activities in DC are encouraged to send messages of support which
can be read and delivered during this time


We urgently need financial support to make this effort a success.  Travel
expenses, advertising, copying, etc. will be extremely costly.  A fund drive
is planned for Leonardí birthday which is September 12.  Make personal
donations if possible, plan benefits, and collect funds for the LPDC.  Also,
suggestions for funding agencies are welcome.

Committees of people who can take responsibility for certain portions of
this campaign are needed.  Help is needed from all over, however, help is
especially needed from the East Coast.
1. Regional Transportation Committees:  Have a meeting to find out if there
are people in your area who want to be in DC for part of Leonard Peltier
Freedom Month.  If groups of people can come for designated days to take
part in the activities and especially the nightly vigils, volunteer to
organize caravans, buses, logistical details, etc.  and let the LPDC know as
soon as possible approximately how many people can come and for what portion
of the month.
2. Outreach and Publicity Committee ≠ A committee to be responsible for
outreach and publicity, especially in the DC area and the East Coast.
People who can distribute and post flyers and posters, contact radio
stations to announce events, and make sure scheduled events are covered in
local publications are needed.
3. Art Committee ≠ People who can help paint banners, build the memorial
wall, etc. are needed.
4. Local Washington DC Organizing Committee ≠ A group of people in DC who
can help in general on all levels is needed.  Help with logistics,
scheduling, set up, etcóthis group will be assisting Jennifer Harbury.  We
will also need help with lodging, food, airport pick ups, etc.

If you belong to or know of a cultural group, an organization to bring a
delegation, speakers, etc. who will want to participate please let us know
immediately so that we can schedule it and fill in the November calendar.

If you know of people who will lend out their tee pees for this event please
put us in touch with them.  If you know of anyone with a truck who can help
us ship them to and from DC please let us know.  (Borrowed tee pees will be

  If you know of groups and/or individuals who will help us organize this on
the East Coast please let us know.

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044

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