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WATER QUALITY CONTROL BOARD  AT 760/341-6820 by 8:30 a.m.  (Note:  I =
will be unable to personally attend).

YOUR NAME OR ORGANIZATION'S NAME HERE  strongly urges you to oppose the =
issuance of a waste discharge permit to the Kaiser Corporation (a.k.a. =
"Kaiser Ventures, Inc., Kaiser Eagle Mountain, Inc. Mine Reclamation =
Corporation, Eagle Mountain Reclamation, Inc., Eagle Mountain Class III =
Municipal Waste Landfill at Eagle Mountain--Riverside County" hereafter =
referred to as "Kaiser").  I/We urge the Regional Water Quality Control =
Board to reject Kaiser's application.  A discharge permit issued to =
Kaiser is simply a license to dilute waste water with ground water which =
is tributary to  the Colorado River.  Proposed for use as a landfill for =
waste from Southern California is Kaiser's old iron mine.  This mine is =
a huge pit which consists of a fractured ore body.  Wastes disposed of =
in this pit will likely  leach into the pristine water aquifer adjacent =
to the Joshua Tree National Park.  The aquifer is used for agricultural =
purposes, specifically for raising natural health related products such =
as jojoba and as the drinking supply of those living in the Desert =
Center area.  Drainage toward the Colorado River could potentially =
result in contamination of the Colorado River from hazardous and/or =
radioactive wastes advertently and/or inadvertently mixed with the waste =
proposed to be disposed of in the rock mine.  Full containment of wastes =
planned for disposal in the Kaiser iron mine located at Eagle Mountain =
should have been a necessary Riverside County requirement for issuance =
of a permit.  This presumptuous project should be sent back to Riverside =
County for rejection.  Be certain that we will urge Riverside voters to =
take notice at the next election of any incumbents who aided and abetted =
in allowing this Kaiser dump to proceed.

I/we will not be able to attend the Board meeting scheduled today, =
September 16, 1999, due to the prohibitive  expense and time to drive =
there (_________ hours).  We object to the fact that the Colorado River =
Basin Region Water Quality Control Board meets in a location which is =
120 miles from the nearest location on the Colorado River (Blythe).

We also object to the fact that written notice was not forwarded to the =
public regarding the postponement of the agenda item concerning the =
alleged unlawful discharge of almost 300,000 gallons of undisinfected =
sewage into the Colorado River from the Needles Sewer Plant.  Please =
forward to us the proposed time and date of the Colorado River Basin =
Region Water Quality Control Board meeting at which action on this issue =
is to be taken.=20 
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