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This effort to eliminate the "Savages" mascot was spear headed by Cindy Bloom of 
Midwest Soarring..

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  September 16, 1999 
Salmon schools will abandon Savages mascot

Associated Press -

SALMON, Idaho _ The Salmon School Board has decided to change the Salmon Savages' 
Indian mascot after being told by attorneys that fighting a lawsuit being threatened 
by a national coalition would cost more than $100,000.

The National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media said it would file suit 
against the district if the Savages do not get rid of their Indian head logo.

Indian mascots, especially those coupled with names such as Savage, are derogatory and 
offensive, coalition members said.

Last month the Illinois-based organization demanded a decision within 45 days and 
wanted the district to sign a memorandum of agreement saying they would get rid of 
both the logo and the name, and add Indian studies to the high school curriculum.

The board voted not to sign the memorandum, and school board chairman Steve Lish said 
it would take longer to change the logo.

Local attorneys said fighting the name change in court could cost more than $100,000. 
In a district where teachers who do not scrimp on paper can find themselves without by 
the end of the year, a court battle is not an option, board members said.

According to a timeline for responding to the coalition's demands, in January 2000 
students and the community would select a new mascot/logo and a name if they wish.

This month and next, the district will begin informing students and community groups. 
That will be followed in November with presentations on possible mascots.

The board will make and announce its decision in December, and by the 2000-2001 school 
year the new mascot would be in place.

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"We simply chose an Indian as the emblem.
  We could have just as easily chosen any
uncivilized animal."
   Eighth Grade student writing about his school's
   mascot, 1997

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