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September 9th.          The View From the Cornfield.

        It is with a heavy, heavy heart, and with a growing sense of outrage that I 
must report to you that Paulines cornfield has been raided yet again.
        As soon as the news reached us, I jumped in the SNN (Sheepherder News Network) 
Mobile Unit ( a fully loaded 99 Suburban Deluxe with a totally cool camouflage paint 
job)( and if you believed that, then you'd believe an HTC press release) and headed 
straight to the scene of the crime. By the time I got there the thugs had already left.
        Let me recap, and place all this in context. Paulines cornfield is way out in 
the middle of nowhere, miles from witnesses or help. 2 large men (and I use the word 
men very loosely), employees of the U.S. Government, with firearms in their truck if 
not on their person, invaded the camp of Paulines female helpers, and systematically 
began harassing the women and children, taking dozens of photos.
        The first time they came (august 18) they desecrated a very sacred female 
ceremony, the collecting of the corn pollen. This was rightly felt by Pauline to be a 
case of sexual harassment. As she says, when men repeatedly invade a female camp, bad 
things must follow. That they come again and repeat their obnoxious behaviour makes it 
obvious that they have absolutely no respect for women, or for U.S sexual harassment 
law, or for even basic human rights. When one enters a Hopi village one sees huge 
signs demanding that visitors do not take pictures or in any other way interfere with 
the inhabitants. Yet they feel it perfectly OK to harass elderly women and children 
way out in the middle of nowhere. Oh how proud their mommas must be of them.
        And what is the logic of their behaviour? It seems that a single tent, with an 
outhouse and a cooking fire somehow constitutes a "permanent structure". When I hear 
the words "permanent structure" I think of the Pyramids, or the World Trade Centre, or 
some such structure. I feel somewhat honored, as it was I who helped build the 
outhouse in question, and let me tell you, a carpenter I ain't. That they would 
consider my humble attempt to provide shelter from the weather for one of lifes 
necessary activities a "permanent structure" is flattering. To the long list of crimes 
being perpetrated here at Big Mountain, must now be added " possession of an 
outhouse". And of course, in the middle of one of the wettest summers on record, a 
cooking fire is also illegal. There is an elegance to their logic though. If an 
outhouse is illegal, and to take a shit in the open is illegal, then the only way to 
prevent such crimes is to make it illegal to eat, therefore cookfires must also be 
        Surely, somewhere out there is a Radical Feminist Lawyer, with experience of 
leading-edge sexual harassment lawsuits that would be very interested in what is 
happening here? Surely it would be a very simple procedure to slap an injunction on 
the Hopi BIA so that if they felt it absolutely necessary to continue to harass these 
old women and children that they at least keep the thugs in their cage and send female 
        There is little harassment of men here,.... when there are men around the 
armed hooligans run away. What is going on is the worst kind of sexual harassment. To 
repeat the last sentence of VFH6, "where are the men?". They seem few and far 
between.... boys there are aplenty..... sitting around in groups talking about how 
"cool" it would be to make yet another video, how "radical" it would be to put 
together yet another newsletter. In the meantime the grandmothers ask for help to 
protect the cornfield, to chop wood to stay warm through the impending winter, and 
no-one is to be seen. I am angry right now, so please excuse if these words seem 
critical, but I simply do not understand. Each one of these women and children are my 
relatives and friends, and  I am feeling very much alone.
DEFENSELESS WOMEN AND CHILDREN WITH IMPUNITY. Who cares? If y'all are going to wait 
till the Feb 1st deadline to come and help, don't be surprised if its all over.

        With sadness and anger

        For all my relations

        reachable via [EMAIL PROTECTED]

P.S. September 10th
        Today a Hopi Ranger (The Men in Black) delivered an "official" notice for the 
camp to be abandoned. For those of you that are only recently becoming familiar with 
the situation here, let me give you a little history. For over 30 years Pauline, and 
the other resistors have been forbidden from repairing their homes, or building new 
ones. As their children have grown and started families of their own there is 
therefore nowhere for them to live, therefore they have to move away. This is called 
(by the U.S. Government) "voluntary" relocation. Left on their own, these elderly 
people need visitors to come and help them with the simple chores of life. These 
visitors must stay in tents. Therefore the U.S. government (and their lap-dog the HTC) 
makes tents illegal. If you are visiting the Hopi reservation, and it starts to rain, 
DO NOT use an umbrella. You will be cited for constructing an illegal permanent 
        When the 2 goons came yesterday, one of them said "hey, I know youre not doing 
anything wrong, but I have to enforce the law". That this did not work for Nazi 
concentration camp guards is well accepted, so I will leave you with Paulines thoughts 
on the law. "No attorney will ever adequately represent my concerns. How would they 
represent the ancient conditioning that my great grandmothers set forth for me and our 
people on these lands? Is a lawyer supposed to be able to interpret the Supreme Chants 
that my father, a medicine man, provided to the sacred shrines throughout this land?"
        I would have liked to have sent this message out straight away, but 
unfortunately I didn't have the gas money to get to the phone, and I could find no-one 
to give me a ride. Things are hard here at Big Mountain right now.

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