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Organization: The University of Michigan - Flint
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 17:17:48 EDT
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Subject: Re: Michigan Commission on Indian Affairs

Please print this petition and remove all e-mail references.  Sign your 
name and send the completed petition to:
North American Indian Association
22720 Plymouth Road
Detroit, Michigan  48239

I am a resident of the State of Michigan and I disagree with Governor 
John Engler's decisions to abolish the Michigan Commission on Indian 
Affairs.  MCIA should continue to operate and serve the American 
Indian community.  The MCIA was established by former Governor 
George Romney in order to respond to abuses and neglect of American 
Indian people within the State of Michigan.  Today MCIA fields 
hundreds of calls, makes referrals, publishes an important state-wide 
magazine, and informs the public about state and federal legislation.  
The MCIA also addresses critical cultural issues and advocates for both 
urban and reservation Indians.  The Governor proposes that the 
Michigan Department of Civil Rights handles a few of the programs but 
neglects to address even the majority of the 50 programs that the MCIA 
currently runs.  American Indian people will suffer because their needs 
will not be met under Engler's proposed change.  Furthermore, to date, 
only one American Indian has ever been appointed to the Department 
of Civil Rights and she served in 1991. 





Lansing Capital Steps
October 12, 1999
9:30 a.m. until Noon

The injustices of the past are history, the injustices of today are our stand up and shine light on the shadows: let our 
voices be heard.

Protest Engler's Blatant Attack on Michigan Indians

Tell everyone you know to come and support Michigan Indians.

For more information attend planning meetings every Wednesday 
evening before rally date from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the North American 
Indian Association of Detroit

or contact Anita @ 248-852-8387 or [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

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