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September 16, 1999 Round 2 with getting media support for print

Ref: Editorial - or Guest Comment Editorial - Support for Lakota expressing Civil Rights marching behind upside down American flag during - Round two with the Media entities 591 words, 24 sentences, 2,972 characters - the opinion of the seven people who helped to compose it, as well as many, many others.

Dear Editor,

Here in Colorado and elsewhere we have been following comments denouncing, and trying to discredit AIM (American Indian Movement) as un-patriotic and disrespectful to veterans for marching behind a upside down US flag, during the recent "March for Justice" to Mobridge, South Dakota and the many to White Clay, Nebraska.

How many veterans who experienced battle, people who have killed to protect others, or those who say they stand strong for Human and Civil rights have responded to the Internally Recognized Distress Call, the SOS Call of the upside down flag?

My husband served 6-1/2 years in the Viet Nam war and was a Navy Seal Captain. He and other Veterans, including Alfred Boneshirt, the Lakota Veteran who carried the flag that day, are now asking whether people think that they fought and died for freedom so those who returned could reprimand citizens for expressing their Constitutional Right to demonstrate? They say Absolutely Not!

Patriotic people can see that the Lakota supporters are saying Mobridge is in denial of their acts of racism against our people. This demonstration and the outrage happened in Mobridge because of the dual standard of justice in regards to Lakota not being treated justly and fairly in the South Dakota judicial system. The white teens accused of participating in Robert "Boo" Many Horses' death, are walking free on the streets of Mobridge, SD. while Lakota teens in Martin, SD, are being denied bail and are locked away in the federal system, away from their family and community, although no one died. Both tragedies were caused by too much alcohol.

Lakota are saying people in Mobridge and in America are not protecting us, as promised by the people of the United States of America in treaties for legal payment of our land. If we were being protected as promised, then the many Human and Civil injustices going on would not be occurring against our people. Lakota people are located in and around the poorest counties in the U.S. and our people are kept poor to force us off our land so others, including government, churches, corporations and leasers, can continue to exploit and abuse our people and take what little land and resources we have left.

Native networks received reports that many Mobridge people shouted racial slurs and threw things at supporters, under the watchful eyes of their officials and spiritual leaders. People there are saying that Mobridge people make the people of White Clay, NE seem somewhat human in comparison. Scary!

Families and friends of the Lakota have responded and offered support, so have our true Lakota Spiritual Leaders and Native American communities. Although there are hundreds of churches within accessible driving distance to Mobridge, surprisingly, Reverend Jessie Jackson is the only Christian Leader who took a stand and offered support to us in print , by signing the "End Lakota Ethnic Cleansing" banner during the presidential visit to Pine Ridge this Summer,

President Clinton also signed that banner but we figure he will say he "didn t know what he was doing" as he has been very "hush, hush" about the subject since. History tells our children that the late American ancestor, Betsy Ross made the U.S. flag to represent a pledge of Allegiance for Truth, Freedom, Justice and, Honor for all. Would she be marching with us?

Native Americans have become more tolerant of the many injustices occurring against us. Not many years ago, some were burning the US flag to get WORLD attention in the continuing attempt to plan and create genocide for our people.

In the Spirit of Justice, Respectfully,


Sandra Matchen, Native American Advocate, Sicangu Lakota, Rosebud Sioux Tribal Member P.O. Box 1150, Clifton, CO 81520-1150 970-241-4711 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

FYI: Veteran: Ray Matchen Jr., same address as above. Veteran Flag Carrier: Alfred Boneshirt, P.O. Box 283, Mission, SD 57555, 605-747-2591

cc: American Indian Movement, Camp Justice Leadership and supporters, Lakota Student Alliance, Native American Prisoners Support Group, Native American Rights Fund, American Indian Cultural Support, Friends for Native American Communities, Reverend Jessie Jackson, Presidential candidate John McCain, Walking Eagle Network members, Human, Civil and Treaty rights groups & supporters, President Clinton, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Please call the Editor of your local papers giving your support to have this Editorial printed. Please distribute to Media and your networks.

Please call the Editor of your local papers giving your support to have this Editorial printed. Please distribute to Media and your networks. 

Note: Mobridge Tribune:      Information: The upside down flag is a Internationally Reconiged Signal of Distress, a S.O.S Call.  It is a constitutional right of every citizens within the bounderies of the US to demonstrate in a non-violent way.
Dear Supporters, our letter to the editor of the Mobridge Tribune was not printed this week, but I have been assured that it will be printed in next weeks, including the minor adjustments and input from others. 
Call Mark White Bull 605-845-2067 or Fax 605-845-5175  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  
We also called the Alberdeen paper today and they are indicating they will work with us, it better be soon, as Rapid City March for Justice in South Dakota is planed for September 21, 1999.  Call Antoinette Red Woman, orgainizer, at 605-348-8055 or 605-343-3046 or 605-381-0855
Wopila, In the Spirit of Justice, Sandra Matchen   [EMAIL PROTECTED]   
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