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14-OCT-1999 23:02:50.58

        It was great hearing from you, but I was wondering if I could ask your
help.  Recently the House, specifically Chairman Ralph Regula, passed a
bill to cut our school's funding and now the student body, faculty and
staff are sending emails and making phonecalls to congressman, senators,
and the president to stop the bill from going into effect.  If you could
write or send this message out to people you know I would greatly
appreciate it. The President's email address is [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I recently wrote Clinton via email.  This is the letter I wrote:

Subject: From one nation to another, I ask your help. 

President Clinton,

        I am a member of the Shinnecock nation of Long Island, New York and am
currently attending the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native
Culture and Arts Development (IAIA) in Santa Fe, NM.  IAIA is federally
chartered by congress in partial fulfillment of treaty and trust
obligations and is dedicated to the study, creative application,
preservation and care of Indian Arts and Culture.  I have traveled all
over the world and in my nineteen years of life, I have found that this
institute of higher learning is truly one of a kind.
        I am aware of your vision to help steer the nation's children "from the
playground to the college classroom" and your recent visit to the Pine
Ridge reservation.  Many Native American students have survived through
the playgrounds of their reservations and are now attending IAIA. 
Congress recently cut our funding, threatening the continuation of our
education.  If you are true to your vision, please help us to preserve
our culture and urge congress to continue funding an Institute of First
Nations Peoples which has stood strong for over thirty years.

                                Courtney M. Leonard

I wrote from my heart which is what I encourage the others to do.  If
you could forward this email to anyone, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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of international copyright law.
           Tsonkwadiyonrat (We are ONE Spirit)
                      Unenh onhwa' Awayaton

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