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Subject:      News: Interim Measures for Innu Communities

November 24, 1999
(Executive Council)


Province, federal government, Innu Nation outline interim steps to address
issues confronting Innu communities

The following statement was issued today following a meeting between
Premier Brian Tobin; Robert Nault, federal minister of Indian Affairs and
Northern Development; and Peter Penashue, President of the Innu Nation to
discuss First Nations Equivalency for the Labrador Innu and other related

Today, the Innu Nation, Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador reached
agreement in principle on next steps to provide the Innu of Labrador with
the tools necessary to address the issues confronting their communities.

Peter Penashue, president of the Innu Nation, Chief Paul Rich of
Sheshatshui, Chief Mark Nui of the Mushuau Innu, Premier Brian Tobin, and
federal Indian Affairs and Northern Development Minister Robert Nault
committed to pursuing the following interim steps, to be taken pending the
conclusion of an Innu land claim and self-government agreement.

1. The province will facilitate the transfer of the land occupied by the
communities of Sheshatshiu and Natuashish to Canada. Canada will then make
this land available to the Innu. These lands will eventually form part of
the settlement of the Innu land claim.

2. Canada will cover the costs of Innu educational programs. Canada and
the province will work together with the Innu to transfer control for
these programs to the Innu.

3. The parties will conclude an agreement on aboriginal policing as soon
as possible. The province will use the savings it realizes from current
education costs for aboriginal policing. Any additional savings will be
invested in community priorities to be agreed upon by the parties.

4. The parties will work to put in place the necessary legal arrangements
for Innu governance to give effect to these arrangements.

5. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada will establish an office in
Labrador, whose role will include working with the Innu to assist them in
taking on these responsibilities.

6. All parties reaffirm their commitment to the expeditious conclusion of
an Innu land claim and self-government agreement.

Media contact:

Heidi Bonnell
Office of the Premier
(709) 729-3564
Kelly Acton

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
(819) 997-0002

Innu Nation
(709) 497-8398

From: Larry Innes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject:      News: Innu Nation resignations

There is turmoil among the leaders of the Innu Nation as several
staff members are alleging irregularities in a recent leadership
vote. ["Peter Penashue", President; "Daniel Ashini", Chief
Negotiator; Ben Michel, Land rights Negotiator; "Paul Rich",
Sheshatshiu Chief]

Media: HERE & NOW, (CBNT-TV)    Air Date:  Fri, Nov 19  Air Time: 6:40:45 PM
Reporter: TONY DAWSON   Word Count: 380 Duration: 2:00

Doug Letto: To Labrador where the turmoil in the Innu community
continues to grow. The officials who resigned after Peter penashue
was elected president of the Innu nation are explaining why. They are
afraid Penashue will sell them out. Tony Dawson with that story.

Peter Penashue: It's a common position I think that land claims
should be settled before any development takes place.

Tony Dawson: That was Peter Penashue last week on CBC radio telling
the province what the Innu are looking for. This week he was elected
president of the Innu nation, the group negotiating the future of the
Innu in Labrador.

Daniel Ashini: Well, I'm accepting it I mean, I'm not denying that he
won. He won and he's going to be the president. I'm just saying that
I can't work with him.

Tony Dawson: That's Daniel Ashini, the Innu Nation's chief
negotiator. He along with Ben Michel, their land rights negotiator
have resigned. Ashini says Peter Penashue is too quick to push ahead
with projects like Voisey's bay and the Lower Churchill other
economic opportunities and not pushing hard enough for the Innu's
environmental concerns. So what message does that sent government.

Daniel Ashini: Well I think the message that they need to hear is
that, you know, person being elected that's going to be most amenable
to them, most agreeable to them, and if that is the situation, any
agreement that Peter negotiates and reaches with the federal and
provincial governments other development corporations, he's going to
have a very, very hard time, very difficult time getting these
agreements ratified.

Tony Dawson: Paul Rich is Chief in Sheshatshiu. He sees it differently.

Paul Rich: He's an Innu person and should be given that opportunity.
If the people put him there and they voted him in like they did, he
has to be given that chance.

Tony Dawson: These are a people struggling to fight demons that
affect their very existence. Now they can't even draw together to
fight for their future. Penashue won't do interviews about these
resignations. He says some people here won't prepared to lose and
haven't come to terms with his election as President. He says he will
take the weekend and deal with the resignations next week. Tony
Dawson, CBC news, Sheshatshiu.

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