IBM would like to partner with a tribe to fund a "Call Center 
Project" on a reservation. This is a multi-billion dollar 
industry. The Call Center would provide the human interface for 
IBM's customers to use when requiring IBM's products, services 
and general information; provide functional and backup support 
to IBM's own internal operations. 

The tribe's role would be to provide the use of a site/building 
capable of containing not less than a 250 Call Center agent 
workforce; provide that technology and infrastructure necessary 
to expand from an initial IBM 50 agent workload, to site 
capacity of 250 agents; provide Native American personnel with 
those skills and attributes identified below, in sufficient 
numbers to staff the IBM support
* at least a high school diploma (college degree preferred)
* communication skills --good verbal fluency, clarity, intonation
* proven typing/keyboarding skills
* listening
* problem solving
* potential/ability to multitask
* customer empathy
* highly dependable
* ability to deal with changing priorities and requirements
* proficiency in basic math, spelling and grammar;

If your tribe is interested in finding out more about this 
project, please contact Larry Gutstein at (914) 499-5733.

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