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        The article below is a couple of days old, but I was
wondering if anyone had heard of this proposal before or any more
about it?

        It is interesting to me that the DOJ has provided funding for
this project.

Tribal Chairman Likes High Court Plan  (ABC NewsWire)
A tribal chairman says a proposed tribal supreme court would allow
tribes to settle their own judicial
problems. The U-S Justice Department has awarded 250-thousand dollars
to the project. Lower Brule
Sioux tribal chairman Michael Jandreau (jan-droh) says the supreme
court would be located at the Wakpa Sica (SHEE'-ka) area north of
Fort Pierre. Jandreau says the court would most likely include
representatives from each participating reservation. He says the
court would deal with tribal legal issues along with issues involving
businesses. He hopes the court will have the same impact as the
federal Supreme Court.
- Nov 24 5:18 AM EST

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