Subject: Invitation to comment on Indigenous Requirements of the DNS Root
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 16:32:21 -0500
From: Eric Brunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


You are invited to comment on Position Paper E, which advocates the
creation of a gTLD in the doman name system, at the level of .COM,
.US and .CA to be delegated to and operated by the Indigenous Nations
and Peoples of North America. The comments period opened 17 November,
and closes January 10, 2000.

In brief, Position Paper E provides ICANN with the mechanism to provide
to the National Congress of American Indians and the Assembly of First
Nations as the sponsoring bodies, to in turn provide to the Native DNS
operational community the opportunity to operate a top-level domain.

This is a policy goal which has been pursued by the Native DNS community
since 1992. This will allow improved support for economic, cultural and
social use of the Internet for rural and urban Indigenous communities.

To show support simply send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the
subject line "I support Position Paper E". In the body of the mail you
may add any comment you like -- Indians have been trying to get a TLD
since 1992, now is when we can get one, but a lot of support needs to
be shown.

Position Paper E may also be found at the URL below, along with the prior
(not yet successful) work to expand the protection offered within the UN
System (International Labor Organization, Convention on Biodiversity,
Working Group on Indigenous Populations) to the Internet.

The working papers of the Indigenous Intellectual Property and DNS work
parties may be found at:

This paper is one of several contained in the Interim Report of Working
Group C of the Domain Names Supporting Organization (DNSO) of the new
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The text of the Interim Report may be found at:
The full archives of the WG-C are on line at:

The full archives of comments on the Interim Report are on line at:

Eric Brunner
Principal Author, Position Paper E

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