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 >Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:22:01 -0800
 >Subject: Indigenous Peoples and the WTO
 >Organization: Dialogue Between Nations (DBN)
 >Dear friends:
 >As trade ministers representing over 130 member governments 
 >of the World Trade Organization meet at the 3rd WTO Ministerial 
 >Conference in Seattle from November 30 - December 3, 1999, to develop
 > the framework for the global trading system in the 21st century, 
 >their negotiations on issues such as agriculture and services, trade 
 >and environment, trade and competition, trade in textiles, intellectual 
 >property rights, to name only a few of the topics, will impact on the 
 >lives and homelands of members of Indigenous Nations on all continents. 
 >To what extent will the expertise and concerns of non-governmental
 >organizations (NGO's), including many international Indigenous 
 >organizations and alliances, be considered throughout the week? 
 >Will tribal leaders have an opportunity to be heard in the official 
 >arena on subjects affecting local communities, their health and their 
 >The enormous citizen's march planned for Tuesday, November 30, will
 >demonstrate the level of opposition to WTO agreements by civil society.
 >Workshops and the development of counter-agendas will contribute to 
 >solidarity between community leaders, yet, where is the dialogue 
 >between government,corporate representatives and the public sector?
 >International megaconferences, by design, generally maintain a distinct
 >separation between government officials who are establishing policies 
 >for a New World Order, and community representation by those affected 
 >by this modern day phenomena.
 >If an open dialogue between all parties was to contribute to a global
 >society in which individuals' and communities' basic needs were to be 
 >met in a socio-economic environment which is mutually beneficial not 
 >only for today's billions, but for generations to come, what practical 
 >steps could be taken during the next week?
 >If you had the opportunity to present your views inside the WTO 
 >ministerial meeting, as an official participant, what would you say? 
 >What strategy would you propose?
 >Join The Global Dialogue at 
 >Tell us what impact you think the WTO process has on 
 >Indigenous Nations and on your community, in particular? 
 >What further impact do you anticipate as a result of the Seattle meeting?
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