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Organization: The University of Michigan - Flint
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 10:21:57 EDT
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Several years ago the Michigan Commission on Civil Rights completed a 
study about the usage of American Indian names and images as sport 
team logos, etc.  The MCCR determined that this use has a 
dehumanizing and damaging impact on American Indian people 
throughout the State of Michigan.  Instead of compelling the offending 
schools to change their sports team names and logos, the MCCR 
"suggested" that the schools change.  Very few schools complied with 
the study or recommendation, but Eastern Michigan University was one 
school whose President, Robert Shelton, acted quickly on behalf of the 
American Indian people in Michigan.  EMU changed their name and 
logo from the "Hurons" to the "Eagles."  There has not been a time since 
that change when the EMU alumni association, The Huron Restoration 
Committee, has not been spending thousands-and-thousands of dollars 
to get the "Huron name and logo" restored as EMU's sports designation. 
Shelton is getting ready to retire and the Huron Restorataion Committee 
has escalated their efforts.  Several of the American Indian students at 
EMU have received threats and the young woman leading the efforts 
against the restoration has had her car destruction.  The 
Huron Restoration Committee has branched out from just being foolish 
and stupid to foolish, stupid, and violent.  Violence directed towards 
American Indian people is on the increase in the United States and we 
simply cannot sit back and allow this to happen.  American Indian 
people at EMU and in the area of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor are planning 
a protest march next Wednesday (December 8th).  Three sites in 
Ypsilanti will be picketed: (8:00-8:30 a.m.) Gene Butman Ford which is 
selling "Huron" license plate frames; (8:30-9:00 a.m.) Elmer Realty 
Agency which has a "Huron" sign in their window; and (9:00-9:30 
a.m.)ABC Cleaners which is no longer a dry cleaning establishment...the 
now sell promotional items with the "Huron" name and logo.  We will 
meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Safehouse at 4100 Clark Road in Ann Arbor.  
Please support this effort which is being organized by Esther Marcus of 
Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area.  Bring signs.  Wear warm clothing.  Bring 
others.  We need to give strong support to the American Indian/Latino 
students at EMU and to the community that surrounds them.  For more 
information please call Esther at 973-0242, extension 216 or call me at 

Catherine Davids
Flint, Michigan  

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"We simply chose an Indian as the emblem.
  We could have just as easily chosen any
uncivilized animal."
   Eighth Grade student writing about his school's
   mascot, 1997

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