I will try to write something later today that is more detailed on what 
happened in Seattle. Right now I am still very tired. Four days of 
marching and getting tear gased and so on has  me showing my age. 
There are a few things I do wish  to say. 
   First, even though the protests were in the media around the world, 
there was a blackout on the truth. It seems that the police state thinks 
that if they can just hide the  truth until the national and international 
media leave then the truth will never get out. If even half the stories I 
have heard about injuries are true then the real truth will really outrage 
   Next, there was Native involvement from organized protests, the forums 
all week long, and even in the street actions. The final large march 
yesterday was led by the Indigenous Environmental Network and AIM
with the eagle staff in front, the drum, elders and then banners including
a "Free Leonard Peltier" banner. 
   Next, as you will see in the next post from me, the cops were shooting 
people in the face with their rubber bullets.
   And last, you may have heard that last night the WTO talks collapsed
and they could not agree on much of anything.
   Though I am not clear on what people saw outside of our region, i did 
not have time to follow the media, but I believe that because of all of us 
on the streets millions of people do now know about the WTO threat to 
all of us. I am also sure there will never again be another WTO meeting 
in Seattle. Arthur J. Miller

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