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The following is a list of "Anti-Indian" groups and organizations that was updated back in 1996. Some may have changed their names, such as People For the West, which is I believe now  Americans For the West. The Anti-indian Movement can
be traced back to the 1950's and '60's, with connection to Rev. Moon.

  1) Interstate Congress for Equal Rights and Responsibilities-Wash/National
  2) All Citizens Equal-National
  3) Citizens Rights Organization-Montana
  4) Cheyenne River Landowner Association-South Dakota
  5) Concerned Citizens Council-Nebraska
  6) Wisconsin Alliance for Rights & Resources
  7) Trout Unlimited-National
  8) National Wildlife Association-National
  9) International Association of Fish & Wildlife-National
10) Wise-Use Movement-National
11) People For the West-National
12) National Mining Association-National
13) National Coal Association-National
14) Western States Coalition-National
15) American Land Association-National
16) concerned Citizens for Property Rights-National

Documention on what and who makes up the "Anti-Indian Movement" can be
found at the "Center for World Studies" or otherwise known as the "Fourth
World Documention Center". At any rate, the study on the "Anti-Indian
Movement" was done some time ago, and there is two parts to it, one being
a fairly recent project.
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In the following pages, we give a detailed account of the development of the Anti-Indian Movement, its ideology, its allies in government, business and extremist political groups........

Publication of what we have found will hopefully contribute to a new measure of understanding between Indians and non-Indians. Perhaps too, our findings will help prevent a recurrence of past Indian/non-Indian conflicts. With the knowledge of what is hidden, perhaps a peaceful conclusion to the present conflicts can be found in a way that increases our collective respect for one another and our commitment to democratic resolution of conflicts.........

The large-scale movement of non-Indians onto Indian reservations began with the U.S. government's 19th century General Allotment Act (1887). The U.S. government intended to destroy tribal governments and break up Indian reservations under, what was then considered, the progressive Manifest Destiny Doctrine - the historical inevitability of Anglo-Saxon domination of North America from sea to sea. By moving non-Indians onto Indian reservations as the new reservation land-owners and locating individual Indians on parcels of reservation land or off the reservation completely, the United States government hoped to eliminate Indian nations once and for all. Under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, the U.S. Congress only partially repudiated the Allotment law for its destructive impact on tribal peoples..............

Four individuals have been involved in the organization of every coordinating or national organization in the Anti-Indian Movement since 1968: George Garland (QPOA), Pierce and May Davis (APORPMA) and Betty Morris (ICERR and QPOA). All come from the state of Washington. Garland and Morris are mainly concerned with the Quinault Indian Reservation. The Davises are mainly concerned with the Suquamish Indian Reservation. After 1983, these main anti-Indian activists were joined by more sophisticated organizers from the right-wing elements of American politics. State Senator Jack Metcalf, fund-raiser Alan Gotlieb, political organizer Barbara Lindsay, lawyer David L. Yamashita, and National Wildlife Federation activists Carol and Tom Lewis (all from Washington) joined the Movement........<large snip>
............. 1995 Center For World Indigenous Studies
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