Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 20:13:20 -0500
From: Eric Brunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Oki all,

Organizations seeking provisional approval as service providers under the
ICANN UDRP (dispute resolution policy) should take the following steps:

        1. Become familiar with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution
           Policy and the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution

        2. Contact Louis Touton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]; +1/310/823-9358) to discuss
           the implementation schedule and procedures for submitting an
           application for approval. In general, applications should contain:

             a. An overview of the applicant's capabilities and background in
                providing alternative dispute-resolution services.

             b. A list of the names and qualifications of the panelists the
                applicant proposes to include on its published list and a
                description of the screening requirements applicant has used
                in selecting panelists to be included on its list.

             c. A description of training and educational measures  the
                applicant proposes to employ for listed panelists with respect
                to domain-name disputes, the UDRP Policy, and the UDRP Rules.

             d. A commitment by the applicant not to prevent or discourage
                any of its listed panelists from serving as panelists for
                domain-name disputes administered by other approved providers.

             e. A copy of the applicant's proposed supplemental rules
                (including fee schedule).

             f. A proposed schedule for applicant's implementation of its
                program for administering proceedings under the policy,
                including a statement of applicant's administrative capacity
                in terms of number of proceedings initiated on a monthly basis.

             g. A description of how the applicant proposes to administer
                proceedings, including its interactions with parties,
                registrars, ICANN, and other approved providers.

             h. A description of how the applicant intends to publish decisions
                of panels in proceedings it administers and a commitment to
                provide ICANN with copies of all portions of decisions of
                panels not published.

       3. Be prepared to enter a Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN
          outlining the terms of applicant's approval as a dispute-resolution
          service provider under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution

As some of you can guess, I think that within the triballaw/native-telecoms
lists we can come up with an application to preform ADR (hey, I've already
done one).


Reminder: [EMAIL PROTECTED] needs every "I support Position Paper E"
we can muster. There are 121 as of today, many from TLers, but we're about
300 subscribers here on TL, so about 3/4ths of "us" haven't made the effort,
and I have no idea why that is.


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