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Published Monday
December 06, 1999
U.S. Panel Inspects Whiteclay

Whiteclay, Neb. - The bright light of a U.S. Civil Rights Commission 
investigation shone on this border town on Sunday, and at least two of the
panel's members, including its chairman, didn't like what they saw.
The van carrying five commissioners pulled into town just before noon, in 
time to see a group of 10 men waiting in a parking lot for the opening of 
one of the town's beer-only liquor stores, the Jumping Eagle Inn.
Mary Frances Berry, a college professor from Philadelphia and the 
chairwoman of the civil rights panel since 1993, said even at first glance, it
was clear to her that beer sales in Whiteclay exploited the rampant alcoholism
on the adjacent Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


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