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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 20:09:34 EST
Subject: Univ Illinois Protest Dec 30


  As we bid farewell to the twentieth century we have to look at where we are, 
and where we as human beings want to go.

A century ago murders of Lakota's by non-Indians hung unsolved in the air. 
Today we remember Justin Redday, Wallace Black Elk Jr,  Ronald Hard Heart, 
Robert Many Horses and the so many others who have been murdered in unsolved 
and uninvestigated hate crimes. We have to take stock of ourselves. What are 
we doing. Some scoff at protesting mascots while Indians are being murdered 
and the authorities treat it as though it is less of a crime than killing a 
moose out of season-after all the killers of Robert Many Horses were just 
having "fun" according to the Judge who sent his murderers free. When a 
rapist is elected governor of South Dakota how can we address the mascot 

Yet in todays society as long as the perception is that Indian people are 
cartoonish caricatures with a culture that can be degraded by intoxicated 
fans playing "Indian" replete with items of sacred spiritual significance-we 
have no real hope of having serious dialouge with such a deluded culture and 
society about real issues. Land rights, treaty rights, sovereignty, and 
something that even resembles justice for those who have been murdered.  By 
defining and holding the definition and perception of what a Jew was the NAZI 
regime was able to rationalize and get its citizens to rationalize and even 
justify the murder of millions of Jewish people. In America we mourn the loss 
of Nichole Simpson and Ronald Goldman and Joan Benoit Ramsey. Who mourns for 
them? No Geraldo, no 20/20 no 60 minutes. America couldcare less when Indians 
die, only when they can "play Indian"

These charades must stop. The dominant society must be challenged to look 
beyond degrading Indian culture, to the real issues. Its time to tear down 
the illusions. We ask all human beings to join us December 30, 1999 by the 
entrance to Gate 4 of Pro Player stadium (off NW 199 Street) Miami, FL at 
5:30 pm and protest the racist, dsigraceful and shameful use of American 
Indian people as a sports mascot by the University of Illinois. Lets make 
FOR AMERICAS FUN AND GAMES, and maybe just maybe after we finally eradicate 
this vestige of racism the dominant society will understand Indian peoples 
are a living breathing culture of human beings and that Indian lives are just 
as valuable as those lives in the dominant society. Join us as we continue to 
struggle towards this. Its time to take a stand as we enter this twenty-first 

Contacts: Sheridan Murphy, State Executive Director
                  Mark Madrid, State Information Director
                  Mike Rogers, South Florida Regional Director

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