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1) Earthsongs - "Shenandoah"
2) NAC SCHEDULE FOR 12/13 - 12/17

1) Earthsongs - "Shenandoah"

This Week On Earthsongs: Modern Music from Native America including an
adventurous selection of music from Medicine Dream (live), Bill Miller and

Two years in a row, our feature artist - Joanne Shenandoah - has been
honored as Best Female Artist by the Native American Music Awards.  She
joins host Gregg McVicar this week from her farmhouse in New York's
Shenandoah Valley - which generations ago was named after her family.

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4pm ET

5am ET
4pm ET

5am ET

2) NAC SCHEDULE FOR 12/13 - 12/17

Listen: M - F, 1pm ET
NAC website:


MON - 12/13: Music Maker: Arigon Starr:
Come along and meet the Diva and enter the wacky world of Arigon Starr. She
recently won a Nammy at the Native American Music Awards for Best
Independent Recording for her CD titled "Meet the Diva". Now, she's back in
the studio producing tracks for a new release. She joins us live in Studio
49 for our Music Maker Edition.

TUE - 12/14: E-Commerce & Native America:
Electronic commerce looks like it is here to stay. So how does Native
America get caught up on emerging technologies for business growth and
development? A series of free seminars geared towards improving Native
tribes' and individuals' ability to compete in local and global
marketplaces is being offered by the Electronic Commerce Resource Center.
Guests include ECRC consultant Lisa Anderson.

WED - 12/15: The Great Indian Land Grab:
Reclaiming Indian land is the number one priority for Native America. Much
to the dismay of hostile state governments and anti-treaty organizations,
tribes are acquiring land through federal acquisition and land purchases.
On this edition, we look at the success of the Guidieville Band of Pomos in
California, which are the first California Indian tribe to get land back.
We'll also look at the pending Oneida Land claim in upstate New York, which
is on the verge of violence. Guests include Walter Gray of the Guidieville
Pomo and Chaz Wheelock of the Oneida Nation.  

THU - 12/16: Indigenous People of Cuba:
On this special cultural edition of Native America Calling, we take you to
Cuba where a delegation of Native Americans is visiting with our neighbors
to the south. It's our opportunity to breach the political divide between
the US government and Cuba and get a glimpse at the vibrant culture of the
children of the revolution. Guests TBA.

FRI - 12/17: Hearing:
According to one study, one out of ten people suffer from some sort of loss
of hearing in their lifetime.  And 80% of the people who need hearing aids
don't have one.  What does it mean to be hard of hearing and how can you
improve your hearing?  How can you prevent hearing loss?  Join host, Sharon
McConnell and her guests on the next "Wellness Edition" of Native America

Eric Martin
American Indian Radio On Satellite Director of Distribution


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