Why is Leonard Peltier STILL in Prison?????

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Subject: Activists: Bombard the White House:

 >White House to take  cyber-questions
 >USA Today December 7 1999
 >WASHINGTON - No you, too, can ask tough  questions of President Clinton,
 >and you won't even need a booming voice like Sam Donaldson's. The White
 >House plans to unveil a new Internet feature Monday called ''Ask the White
 >House'' which will allow  major news Web sites to survey their visitors and
 >submit five of the most-asked questions each week for written responses. In
 >the future, visitors will be able to visit the Web site directly at
 > to chose a subject area or submit a
 >particular question.
 >Full story
 >12/06/99- Updated 09:11 AM ET
 >ryone in your family.

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