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There are six articles of interest in today's Lincoln Journal Star:

Native voices resonate in literature
BY JODI RAVE LEE Lincoln Journal Star   (entire story at this Link)  

"Writing for children freed me to write from the heart"
Land-based writer

For professor, "only the writing matters'

2nd novel reflects changes in author

Writer's appeal goes beyond Native Americans

Their stories survived, without paper, for thousands of years.

Until the last century, indigenous people generally relied on oral tradition 
to keep generations connected, rarely translating their native tongue into 
European languages, rarely recording their thoughts in ink.

"Before, it was only white people writing books," said Francis Geffard, an 
editor at a major French publishing house specializing in literature of the 
American West. "That has all changed now." And nowhere is the change more 
evident than in the bursting international prominence of contemporary 
American Indian writers. If N. Scott Momaday's 1969 Pulitzer Prize for "House 
Made of Dawn" punched a hole in the mainstream literary world, a new 
generation of writers is tearing it wide open.

"Ten years ago you might have heard of Louise Erdrich or Scott Momaday or 
Leslie Marmon Silko," said Jason Tetzloff, assistant history professor at 
Ohio's Defiance College.  <SNIP>

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