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 >  Location: Pine Ridge
 >  Posted by Shane Caraveo <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 >  Description:
 >  Contact: Carmeen Klausner
 >  Phone: 970 282 8573
 >  This group is non profit and takes tractor trailer loads of clothes
 >  and furniture to Pine Ridge several times each year.
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 >  Morning Star Fellowship Circle, Inc.
 >  Location: N. & S. Dakota
 >  Posted by Shane Caraveo <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 >  Description:
 >  From: "g hindsman"
 >  All of the donations are sorted and packed for each family according to
 >  size, sex etc. This year we are in particular need of blankets, space
 >  heaters, fans and linens (towels and sheets). We have many toys and
 >  clothing of all sizes but good winter coats are always useful. We
 >  are registered as a private non profit, so receipts can be given for
 >  donations. We can always use money donations. We deliver in
 >  December, June and in August. We also do mail
 >  deliveries occasionally. Over the years, we have made many friends at
 >  Ridge, Rosebud, the Crow Agency and others. We try to help with special
 >  requests when we can. Morning Star has also been a home away from home
 >  students and elders who are temporarily on the East Coast. Our
 >  are located in Delaware but we have other circles in Virginia, New York,
 >  West Virginia, Maryland and soon in Florida.
 >  c/o Cassada
 >  320 N. 31st #13
 >  Bismarck, North Dakota 58501
 >  Charitable organization founded and directed by Dawn & Douglas Cassada.
 >  MORNING STAR OUTREACH chooses to offer direct as well as mediation
 >  assistance to the United States American Indian Reservations in the
 >  form of clothing, bedding, food provisions, toys for the children,
 >  scholarship
 >  funding and household provisions.
 >  This also includes craft items, fabrics, beads, patterns, yarns and
 >  notions.
 >  MORNING STAR OUTREACH chooses, because of the census reports, to
 >  support the reservations of the Native Lakota Sioux Nation within the
 >  States, South and North Dakota.
 >  For information about Morning Star you can call or write our Outreach
 >  Coordinator at:
 >  Morning Star Fellowship Circle, Inc.
 >  321 Beverly Place
 >  Wilmington, DE 19809 Phone: 302-764-1178
 >  EMail - candy [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 >  =====
 >  Winter Supplies Distribution
 >  Location: South Dakota USA
 >  Posted by Shane Caraveo <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 >  Description:
 >  It's winter again! The People need many things - basic things. Housing,
 >  food, clothing. Those of us who have these things, need to help those
 >  of us who do not. This is my opinion, anyway. We help in whatever way we
 >  can, I am sure.
 >  If you do not have much to give, perhaps you can share what you do have.
 >  For the Red Shirt Community:
 >  Marvin Helper
 >  P.O. Box 312
 >  Hermosa, SD 57744
 >  For Porcupine, Oglala and Wounded Knee:
 >  Joe Chasing Horse
 >  % P.O. Box 8392
 >  Rapid City, S.D. 57709
 >  For Truck loads & UPS Shipments:
 >  Joe Chasing Horse
 >  714 Paha Sapa Drive
 >  Rapid City, SD 57701
 >  From: tusweca
 >  Darlene Cross
 >  PO Box 52
 >  Kyle SD 577075


Native American Political Prisoner, Leonard Peltier has organized
his usual annual gift drive for the people of the Lakota Pine Ridge
Reservation, in South Dakota.  You can send gifts such as practical,
new clothing (gloves, jeans, T-shirts, socks, thermal underwear,
sweat-shirts, hats, scarves, jackets, boots, etc.), blankets, pillows,
tools, childrenís toys, etc. to the following address.  All sizes, from
infant to adult (XXL) are needed. This will be distributed to the
people who live on the Pine Ridge Reservation  at Leonardís
request. Please encourage others to do the same! Thank you.

Send the gifts to Geraldine Janis, member of the Elders Council
of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

Geraldine Janis
P.O. Box 525
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

For more info contact the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Tel: (785) 842-5774 Fax: (785) 842-5796 Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It's 1999, why is Leonard Peltier still in prison???



We recently sent out a message for Leonard Peltier's Holiday
Gift Drive to Pine Ridge.  If you are able to send gifts to Pine
Ridge, please send half to Geraldine Janis, the address which
was previously listed, and send the other half to Rosaline Jumping
Bull, whose address was not listed (address below).  This will make
the equal distribution of gifts easier since they are on different
parts of Pine Ridge.  Please do not send used clothing as gifts.
If the quality of the used clothing is good, it can be sent to these
addresses later in the year.  (Rosaline is especially requesting
toys for the kids). Thank you---LPDC

Rosaline Jumping Bull
Box 207
Oglala, SD 57764

It's 1999, why is Leonard Peltier still in prison???



Hate holiday shopping?  Don't forget, Leonard's new book, PRISON
WRITINGS, MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE, could make a nice gift and
will help promote Leonard's case while funding his defense.  Also, the
book's editor, Harvey Arden has just made a new CD of readings from
the book and the LPDC has a limited number available.  T-shirts are
nice gifts too!  Send your order with a check or money order to the

Prison Writings: 25.00 (includes shipping and handling)
Prison Writings CD: 18.00 (includes shipping and handling)
One sided T-shirts: 16.00+3.00 s&h
Two sided T-shirts: 20.00 +3.00 s&h

It's 1999, why is Leonard Peltier still in prison???

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
P.O. Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone: 785-842-5774

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