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Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 21:21:22 GMT
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I am passing along a great post from the msg board with the
permission of the author. From me to the Four Corners Country, and to
all of you,  season's best.
"It Comes"

                              Posted By: Sober Navajo
                                  Date: Thursday, 9 December 1999 at
11:27 p.m.

                 It Comes.

                 On the fourth day. He worked for food. A chicken
sandwich. His reward.

                 On the third day. He worked for food. A burger and
fries. Pleased him.

                 On the second day. He worked for food. Half-a-sandwich.
He shared.

                 On the first day. He worked for food. Warmed left-overs.
Gave him strength.

                 On the fourth night he sat alone. Tired, weary, aching
bones. Thankful for. An opened can of
                 sliced peaches.

                 He realizes his blessings. Smallest of birds fly on
faith alone. Offering the wonder song. In the
                 face of winter.

                 Children. Still loving. The un-lovable. Turning chaos to

                 Snow. Always returns. To the mountain tops. According to
the Holy People.

                 In four days. He will sit with his family. Forever
grateful. What more could he ask for...

                 Curt Yazza, Sr.  11-21-99.

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