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 >Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 19:55:12 EST
 >Subject: John McCain
 >To All:
 >I appreciate this opportunity to post to this list regarding John McCain; a 
 >man deeply involved in the forced relocation of the Dineh peoples.  John 
 >McCain has a long history of misconduct toward others.  Although he allows 
 >himself to be referred to as a "war hero", most people do not seem to be 
 >aware of the fact that McCain was one of 11 former POW's who faced Courts 
 >Martial charges for collaborating with the enemy while in captivity.    
 >Charges were withdrawn by the government after one of the 11 committed 
 >Former POW Col. Ted Guy is the officer who brought up the charges. He has 
 >said that he agonized for a year over whether or not to do this, considering 
 >the stress all POW's were under. The Col., who was SRO (Senior Ranking 
 >Officer) at the Plantation prison, and who was later transferred to Hanoi 
 >Hilton where John McCain and the others were being held, felt their acts
 >so heinous, causing the severe torture and probable deaths of fellow POW's, 
 >that in good conscience he could not fail to vindicate those who had so 
 >suffered at the hands of these collaborators.
 >Ted Sampley, a Nam Vet who served in the Special Forces, is the owner,
 >and main writer for the U.S. Veteran Dispatch out of Kinston, NC.  Mr. 
 >Sampley has published a number of hard-hitting articles exposing McCain and 
 >his continued wrongs done to POW family members.  The paper is distributed 
 >free of charge at the Wall (the "Last Fire Base" is run by Sampley), and is 
 >hand delivered to the offices of every congressman and senator in D.C., 
 >including McCain's.
 >Mr. Sampley has agreed to consider publishing an article about McCain's role 
 >regarding the Dineh.  I had sent him a URL for Big Mountain, but this is all 
 >the information he has.  If I may make a suggestion, it might be helpful for 
 >any Veterans on this list to email Ted in support of his publishing such an 
 >article.  His paper is for and about Veterans and I believe your written 
 >support would be appreciated. In addition, those on this list, veterans or 
 >not, who have in-depth knowledge of McCain's role in the genocide of the 
 >Dineh as well as accurate background information might also wish to e-mail 
 >Mr. Sampley regarding any information he may need to write such an article.  
 >Financial information revealing money links between Peabody Coal, the
 >Company and others to McCain, his family or associates is also important.
 >Ted Sampley can be reached at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 >Any assistance you feel led to offer is appreciated.
 >Corky Blackburn
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