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 >Deer, Kenneth. "Membership Now in Hands of MCK," The Eastern Door, Volume 8
 >Number 44, December 03, 1999.
 >["With the completion of the 30-day consultation process which ended on
 >November 3, the draft Membership Code is now in the hands of the Mohawk
 >Council of Kahnawake. The final report of this last community consultation
 >presented on Tuesday evening, made some recommendations to the custom code .
 >. . Another recommendation was to explore and identify the process and
 >criteria used by the three Longhouses to accept a person as a citizen in the
 >Mohawk Nation. Joannie Montour, one of the consultants, noted that in their
 >consultations that there were two definitions of who is a Mohawk. One was by
 >ancestry: a person who could trace his/her lineage back at least three
 >generations with clear line of Mohawk descent. If a person has too much
 >non-Native ancestry, then this person is not considered a Mohawk in the eyes
 >of some community members. The second defined Mohawk as someone who is a
 >citizen under the Mohawk Nation and follows the Kaianere’kowa. This person
 >is of good character, promotes the language and culture and may be of
 >Kanien’keha’ka ancestry. Strong Kanien’keha’ka ancestry is not necessarily
 >the predominate criteria. The report goes to recommend that the relationship
 >between the two systems, the Clan system and the Custom Code, be clarified
 >and adopted by the community."]

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