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2/6/00 _ Greetings Friends of the buffalo-

Despite the fact that there is only one buffalo outside of Yellowstone
National Park, things have been very busy here at the Buffalo Field
Campaign.  In the past two weeks, the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL)
has tried to haze the old bull four times without success, chasing him from
snowmobiles and snowshoes, firing cracker-barrel rounds at him from
shotguns, and generally harassing the bull in an attempt to force him back
to the park.  The buffalo has been grazing for the past few weeks in a
meadow on the Gallatin National Forest.

The ostensible reason for the harassment, which is funded with tax dollars,
is the state's fear that the bull could pass brucellosis to cattle.  But
there won't be cattle on these national forest lands until the middle of
June.  Even if there were, a bull buffalo would have to mate with a
domestic cow in order to pass the bacteria.  Buffalo don't mate with
livestock.  Even the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS),
the federal agency with the power to declare a state "brucellosis free" has
publicly stated that the presence of the bull poses no threat to Montana's
brucellosis free status.  Yet the state insists on needlessly harassing the
lone bull.

Nightline, who was here shooting film for an investigative piece on the
Yellowstone buffalo, had their cameras rolling as the DOL tried for the
second time to haze the bull.  Their footage of the operation, along with
film shot by our volunteers over the years, will air on Tuesday night at
8pm.  The Nightline crew spent several days with us, accompanying our
patrols in the field and attending our nightly meetings.  In addition to
the Nightline piece, A&E will be airing an investigative report on our work
and the Yellowstone bison situation on Thursday, 2/24 at 9pm.

We'd like to thank all the folks who have done presentations at camp. 
Thanks to the 1st aiders, to Flo for her brucellosis/native american 
insights and to Doug Peacock and Greg Keeler, who entertained us this 
past Saturday night with a special evening of grizzly bear stories 
and activist campfire songs.  It was great to come in from patrol and 
share our cabin with people whose work has inspired us so much over 
the years.

A big thanks to the many folks whose continued support makes our work
Without you there would be no Buffalo Field Campaign.

More nfo on all at:

To find out the "in the field" info directly from Buffalo Field 
Campaign go to:
Getting the word out is critical and BFC is the only group working 
365 days a year in Yellowstone with the buffalo.

New Compilation Buffalo Video Available

Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers has a compilation video available on the 
Yellowstone buffalo. Plan B, The Buffalo's Alternative is a brief 
scientific advocacy piece on long-term management strategies to allow 
buffalo to roam free in Yellowstone. Buffalo Bull is a more in-depth 
documentary on the Yellowstone buffalo slaughter. Where the Buffalo 
Roam profiles the field campaign and their efforts to protect the 
Yellowstone buffalo herd. To purchase the video send a check or money 
order for $20 to Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers; PO Box 7941 Missoula, MT 
Elders and educators can receive a video at a discount please send a 
query to mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] or call our office at 

Getting the word out is key... please take a moment and look at your 
local paper and send us contact info for the editor.  Both email and 
fax are appreciated! please send contact info to 

A&E piece on BFC will air on Thursday 2/24 at 9pm EST.

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