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Two real life stories:
                    A. 1992. Langley Air Force Base. The first time
Russian military aircraft flew  over US. Su-27UB had a training mission
with F-15D. They took turns starting on each other's tail.
                    1. The trainer (UB) Flanker kept on the tail of the
F-15 all the way.
                    2. F-15D behind SU-27: The flanker lost the eagle,
got on its tail and "killed" it. Well, it was a wrong Eagle - a F-15C
escort plane. After being informed of this,  the Flanker got on the
F-15D's tail and (undiscovered) kept there to the end.
                    3. After back-up pilots took their turns the story
repeated itself.

                    B. 1998-1999. Ethiopia has 8 (?) Su-27 piloted by
Russian pilots (who says Delta Force is fiction?!). Eritrea has Mig-29s
piloted by Russians and          Ukranians. Once 2 planes from each side
met along the border, the Flankers
decided to return to base, The Migs then launched missiles, which the
 successfuly dodged, turned back and downed both Migs. This story has
 been oficially confirmed or denied as far as I know.

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