Standard Chartered Credit Cards

Earn 5X reward points* at fine-dining outlets & more. Apply for Platinum Rewards credit card.

Other benefits*:

  • 5x reward points on fuel spends in India
  • 5x reward points on spends at leading hotels, dining outlets, both in India & overseas
  • 1x reward points on all other categories
  • No joining fee, No Annual fee if you apply online

Enjoy up to 1,500 additional reward points#

  • Get 1,000 additional reward points on your first transaction with your credit card
  • Get 500 additional reward points when you log on to online banking

Get 20% cashback* on Uber rides & save up to Rs 600 per month with Standard Chartered credit card



*Terms and conditions apply

* The offer is valid cardholders with monthly spend of min 8000. For detailed terms and conditions visit sc.com/in

#Transact within 60 days from card setup

Do not share your internet banking details, such as user ID/password or your credit/debit card number/CVV/OTP with anyone – either over phone or through email.

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