All -  Just a reminder that this Tuesday is the monthly Neartown Meeting,
beginning at 7pm at Cherryhurst Community Center.


Topic:  Neighborhood Crime


Last week the Neartown civic association presidents met to discuss a number
of issues, including crime and security.  The result of that discussion was
to work with HPD, our City Council members and other community
stakeholders/groups to address certain crime "hot spots", the perceived
officer shortage, the storefront hours and overall approach and methodology
for addressing the increase in crime in our neighborhood.  Neartown is
working to pull together a workshop for the July (or August) meeting to
discuss these issues with our City Council representatives and HPD.


In preparation for such a meeting and to ensure that we are able to address
specific topic and leave the meeting with action items, I would like to take
the opportunity to use the meeting on Tuesday to formulate a list of
specific issues we want addressed as well as specific activity you see in
your neighborhoods on a daily basis that contributes to the uplift in
neighborhood crime.


I will have the latest crime stats and we will take inventory of these
specific items that we want to get addressed with HPD and our CMs.  Again,
the point of this meeting will be to gather specific issues and contributors
so that we can get this list in front of the appropriate parties to address
at the next meeting.  The purpose of these meetings will be to conclude with
action items and timely follow-up.


Please pass along to your membership and I hope to see everyone at the
meeting on Tuesday.




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