Date: Wednesday, September 26 (the 4th Wednesday)
  Time: 7:00pm
  Location: Houston Police Officers Union Building, 1602 State Street
  Hopefully, our meeting in September will feature Lt. Harry Schreffler from 
the T.A.B.C (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission), which is a state agency. Lt. 
Schreffler was supposed to be the speaker for our July meeting but he was 
preempted by Sgt. T.J. Salazar. LT. Schreffler, who has been with the 
Commission for 11 years, will discuss the main problems they deal with- under 
age drinking violations attributable to bars. He will discuss the problems 
related to minors in bars, and their presence in convenience stores. He will 
also discuss with us the rules and regulations that bars are supposed to 
follow. In addition, he will discuss the T.A.B.C. Hotline.
  Please pass the information along to your organization's officers & 
membership. Also, put this in your organization's newsletters and websites. 
Many Thanks.
  Robert Graham
  Central One District PIP
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