Date: Wednesday, October 24(the 4th Wednesday)
  Time: 7:00pm
  Location: Houston Police Officers Union Building, 1602 State Street
  October is Fire Prevention month. In honor the month of October, the Houston 
Fire Department will make the presentation. The discussion will not only 
include fire prevention but will also include the causes & effects of fires, 
what we as citizens can do to make our homes safer and the safety checks we 
should try and maintain. The presentation will also give a brief history of the 
Houston Fire Department, its organization and its staffing. You can anticipate 
seeing a large contingent of Houston Fire Department personnel at the meeting.
  Officer Pate would like you to invite a neighbor to the Central P.I.P. 
meeting and get them involved in the safety of your neighborhood. You as a 
citizen are the eyes and ears that we need to help fight crime in your 
neighborhood. We can all work together to make this a safe neighborhood for you 
and your family. Hope to see you and a neighbor at the next meeting.
  Robert Graham
  Central One District PIP
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