I could not agree more about this petition. I do agree that the need for yet
another grocery store in Montrose is silly and if anyone feels as though the
existing stores have shorted the citizens of Montrose with service, protest
with the respective companies. I also feel that the impact on the
surrounding area will be horrible if & when HEB builds this store. I would
suggest that anyone that is in strong opposition to this development should
contact the folks in BOCA so that you can rally a larger audience that
desires land use restrictions, since they did battle with the Ashby high
rise folks. Houston certainly needs some form of land use restrictions but
going after a land owner after the fact is wrong.


Kevin McCarthy


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This is the dumbest, most ill-advised petition I've seen in a long time. 


"...maintain the integrity of the Montrose community...", are you kidding?
Integrity is not two run-down, poorly managed, poorly stocked stores like
the Fiesta and Kroger stores in Montrose. HEB builds architecturally
distinctive and award-winning stores; it has great customer service; and
will be a great asset to Montrose. Kroger and Fiesta have taken advantage of
Montrose residents with sub-standard stores for many years, knowing that we
have had no nearby alternatives. The threat of HEB offering first class
stores with first class service may finally jolt those two companies into
upgrading their deplorable stores.


Furthermore, this is PRIVATE property, not land owned by the COH. Mayor
Parker cannot and should intervene. While I have been an advocate FOR zoning
and planning for years, the residents of Houston have ignorantly opposed
such regulations at every turn. We reap what we sow. If this newly found
group is serious about land use on neighborhoods, it needs to work towards
real solutions like changing existing land use guidelines, regulations, and
zoning. Until then, attempts to punish and thwart the plans of legitimate
businesses who have followed the laws of the land are WRONG.


Unless this group plans to raise the funds to buy this land from HEB (if
they somehow can be convinced to abandon their plans and investment) and
then donate the land to the COH, then this group should frankly pipe down
and find something better to do with its time and resources. 


This petition should not be endorsed, supported, or signed by anyone.




On Mar 17, 2010, at 7:03 AM, Robert Graham wrote:

Thanks to Paul cobb, here's the latest on Wilshire village 

here's the petition.   <http://www.petitiononline.com/mldc/petition.html>

 here's the article;  



Please pass this along to your neighborhood civic association officers &
members. Thanks. 


Robert Graham

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