Hi everyone,

I have developed and open-sourced a NodeJs package that allows serving 
Neo4j as domain-specific REST APIs. Using this package, one can define her 
own REST routes instead of endpoints (REST or Bolt) provided by Neo4j 

Comments and feedback very much appreciated!


koa-neo4j is a framework for creating web servers that embody application's 
> logic powered by a Neo4j Graph Database <https://neo4j.com/> backend.
> In a Neo4j enabled application, conducting queries directly from client 
> side might not be the best choice:
>    - Database is exposed to the client, unless some explicit security 
>    mechanism is in place; one can *see* the innards of the database by View 
>    page source
>    - There is no one server to rule them all, queries are strings, 
>    scattered around different clients (web, mobile, etc.)
>    - Third-party developers might not be familiar with Cypher
> koa-neo4j addresses all of the above issues:
>    - Stands as a middle layer between clients and database
>    - Gives structure to your server's logic in form of a file-based 
>    project; finally a home for Cypher! All of the clients can then talk to an 
>    instance of this server
>    - Converts Cypher files to REST routes, a cross-platform web standard 
>    that developers are familiar with, it does so on top of the widely-adapted 
>    koa <http://koajs.com/> server, ripe for further customization
> In addition it comes with *goodies*:
>    - Lifecycle hooks, enabling one to tweak incoming and outgoing data 
>    based on one's needs, allowing her to utilize the full power of nodejs
>     and javascript ecosystem in the process
>    - Non-opinionated user management, you describe (in Cypher) how your 
>    users and roles are stored, the framework provides authentication and 
>    role-based access management
> Cheers,

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