I'm using neo4j-import and I have an entity that will be loaded from 
multiple files. I know the files will have duplicates in them, but I want 
to skip them, so I am using "--skip-duplicate-nodes true". However, when I 
go to create a Unique Constraint, it has managed to load in duplicates.

Does it only ignore duplicates inside each file, and not across files?

I'm using 3.0.6, here is command I use

bin/neo4j-import   --into graph.db.db --id-type string --bad-tolerance 
50000   --skip-duplicate-nodes true \

Here is what happens when I try to create the constraint

neo4j-sh (?)$ CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (p:GeneSymbol) ASSERT p.geneSymbol IS 
982 ms
WARNING: Unable to create CONSTRAINT ON ( genesymbol:GeneSymbol ) ASSERT 
genesymbol.geneSymbol IS UNIQUE:
Multiple nodes with label `GeneSymbol` have property `geneSymbol` = 'X':

Many thanks,

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