I have a large graph I need to find exact graph.
My match query is :
MATCH (u:SQL_Query)-[:FROM]->(c:from_SQL), (u)-[:SELECT]->(c2:select_SQL) 
,(u)-[:WHERE]->(c3:where_SQL) ,(v:where_SQL)-[:HAS]->(c4:where_value_data)
WHERE (c.from_sql IN [' user_view_status_logs ']) AND (c2.select_query IN 
[' (1) AS a ']) AND (c3.select_query IN [' (user_view_status_logs.event_id 
= 86 AND user_view_status_logs.user_id = 35 AND 
user_view_status_logs.log_type = Program) LIMIT '])  AND (c4.where_value IN 
[' user_view_status_logs.user_id = 35 ',' user_view_status_logs.event_id = 
86 ' ])

I got the graph it works given above in attachment():-

My issue is number of node connected is 3 but i ask for only 2 with value. 
IN function does not match exactly.

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