Hi all,


I ran into this problem 
I have a constraint on label Tenant  id  is unique 

create constraint on (n:Tenant) assert n.id is unique

Now when I create a  Tenant node with with label Tenant I am trying to 
create a new unique constraint for another sets on nodes having labels 
create constraint on (n:<tenantId>Persons) assert n.ssn is unique 

I am getting the below error when I try to multiple tenants concurrently 
where each tenant creation try to create a constraint for its persons

org.neo4j.kernel.api.exceptions.TransactionFailureException: Database 
constraints have changed (txId=3937) after this transaction (txId=3936) 
started, which is not yet supported. Please retry your transaction to 
ensure all constraints are executed

As per the example the second constraint is only applicable for a person is 
created in a tenant. But I get the error while creating the tenant itself. 

Is this bug or expected behavior. IS the option only to retry the 
transaction which does not sound right.

George S

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