These two are now spoken for, but if you might possibly be interested in
the similar ones yet to come, let me know. If there's a lot of interest I
do more of a random selection instead of first-come first-served.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 1:34 PM, Andy Tefft <> wrote:

> A few years ago I rescued some nixie-using (and one VFD) meters from
> salvage at work - for the whopping cost of 10 cents per pound. At this
> point I have some that are just taking up space that I will never ever get
> around to using. So I thought some of you guys might be interested to get
> whatever is usable out of them.  You'll just have to pay for the shipping.
> To avoid any complication, within the US only, please (sorry).
> I have not much tested these but in some cases I know they were retired
> because some tubes didn't work, in others just because they failed
> calibration.
> Here are the first 2. Haven't had time to take pictures of any others yet.
> 1. Monsanto 103B counter - 4x5750 tubes - looks like maybe the board
> they're on could be used as-is, and 2 of the 7441 are even socketed.
> 2. Hickok 3301 multimeter - vfd tubes, no power cord so I didn't even try
> to power it on.
> Email me directly if interested and we'll work out the details.

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