having used OSH Park before I sent the zip file off and came back with a 
few errors which to me, being a non developer, left me without a clue : )
So I submitted a ticket asking for assistance.  Within 24 hours a 'tweaked' 
zip file came back which I submitted and for 3 boards cost me $34.60.
At the current £ - $ rate which is poor at the moment £29.29 inc postage.  
I may have to pay customs etc.
I could have hunted around for a UK firm but OSH Park are in my mind good 
and quick. To me this will be a great help when making the clock.
Thank you Michael

I have shared the OSH Park board under user name electrofish 
Take a look.  It should show the board layers and what to expect of the 
finished product

Hope that helps

On Monday, 10 October 2016 22:57:02 UTC+1, threeneurons wrote:
> I have been selling a nixie clock kit on eBay, for some time. The board 
> that mounts the actual nixie tubes must be hand built separately, and its 
> not part of the kit. No such board has been made, due to  the large variety 
> of nixie tubes available. So as not to stock bunch of boards, I'm starting 
> to layout board artwork, that I'm letting other people turn into actual 
> boards. You can make your own, or send them to your favorite board house. 
> So far I've just got the one for 6 IN-14 nixie tubes. Since the arrangement 
> of the IN-8-2 is similar, it can be made to fit, too. Look for ZIP files, 
> in my public Google folder:
> Threeneurons Public Folder 
> <https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7bJyg1SZgcDfnotcC1odDhIV28wRDA1NEJael9yOUNnU2lDcDAyWnVZNjFzOW9RTGV6WTA>

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