Very nice idea for a nice and scarce tube!

Just be careful not to exert flexion or torsion forces on the tube when 
mounted, as that will eventually lead to cracks and pressure loss.
My 0.02.


On Monday, October 10, 2016 at 5:26:55 PM UTC-3, SWISSNIXIE - Jonathan F. 
> Hello Folks!
> I got a little more time for my hobby the last days, so i started my new 
> project. 
> As the name suggests, a PANDICON tube (ZM1200) is involved. I like to 
> create a clock, that can display the current time, date, date&time, stop 
> watch and timer! The 14 digits should be enough for this. 
> I decided to go into the steam-punk design, because the beautiful tube 
> would not fit into a normal case or would not look so great. I mainly will 
> use wood and copper/brass pipes. The tube will fit into custom 3D-Printed 
> sockets and mounted into two 35mm pipe reductions.  These will end in brass 
> "wall plates", that i have modified. For decoration I'm planing to install 
> some dead vacuum tubes and a larger neon bulb. In the T-Pieces i will 
> integrate a "lever switch" for controls. To add a little protection to the 
> tube, i will use a small 5mm copper pipe to build a cage over and behind 
> the glass tube. Before final installation, i will polish and spray paint 
> (clear) the copper to preserve it's shining color. 
> To get a better idea of my idea, I've attached a conceptional drawing 
> (excuse the ugly hand drawing!)
> The circuit board is also nearly complete, i just have to solder the 
> through-hole parts. The tube is driven by HV513 Drivers, because they can 
> drive anode and cathode. Atmega328 and DS3231 will do the rest! :)
> I also got a lot of different copper tubing and connections for practicing 
> soldering. The piece of wood also has been chosen. See the first pics 
> attached! 
> Since I'm a total newbie to steampunk i will have to try some things and 
> maybe someone can give me a few tipps and tricks! 
> *What do you think about the project? Any ideas what i could add or 
> change? *
> I will update this topic with future status if you're interested. 

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