I am using an LM3478 library and a Wurth flex transformer library. I 
suspect that is where the time is going. I have zipped up the .asc file and 
the aformentioned libraries (though the Wurth ones were pulled out of the 
LTSpice library folder, so they are in the wrong place!). Hmm, I guess I 
can't post replies that have a file attachment? I'll try and stick it 
somewhere else accessible.

I signed up to the Yahoo group a while ago, but haven't had time to poke 
around in there since.

Anyhow, this was really supposed to be about the Bode plots for the LM3478, 
so if you get time to look at my model that would be great, if not, that is 
OK too - especially given that you would probably have to re-attach the 

BTW - the FET in there is a place-holder. It was a quick pick from the list 
that came installed with LTSpice. Selecting the FET seems like the hardest 
part of this as the parameters I am interested in aren't pulled out in the 
selection criteria at Digikey, and even when I find a candidate I want 
something that has a spice model. I seem to remember that I bookmarked a 
page that explained how to create one from the datasheet though. This seems 
like it would definitely be a topic for the Yahoo group, on the other hand 
if you guys have a suggestion, I will just go with that - I need to remind 
myself that this is a learning experience at the moment - I'm not striving 
for perfection, just something that will meet my own criteria (5V and no 
more than 1.5V in, roughly 180V, 0.018A out, though l will settle for 

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